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1. What is ChatStick?
- We are a service that allows creators to quickly submit character images for distribution in the ios system. There is a team of experts in both technical and marketing. To encourage creatives to be more successful connect to network
Millions of Character Consumers on the Market and many new opportunities
2. Interested in applying to sell stickers with ChatStick, what should I do?
- Website :
- Facebook :
- Line@ : @chatstick
- Telephone : 083-044-1575
3. What documents are required to apply for ChatStick?
- Copy of ID card (Card does not expire) with a signed copy Sign and date signed 1 sheet
- A copy of the certificate of notification of copyright information  with a signed copy Sign and date signed 1 sheet (if any)
- Image preview of the work
4. Do creators have to pay anything to apply for ChatStick?
- Free without any cost
5. Are the stickers sold with ChatStick the same as those that have been sold elsewhere?
- If the creator is the copyright owner  whether it has been sold anywhere before Existing images can be sent to ChatStick for immediate action.
6. How long will it take for the sticker to be approved?
- Time depends on Apple's approval, most of them are 10 -15 days.
7. What measures will ChatStick take? When found to use the content without permission of copyright.
- ChatStick is a sticker dealer. It is registered with the Apple Developer Program as a limited company. (Organizations)
In order to obtain full copyright protection rights from Apple, the imessage provider on ios10 operating system, if infringement occurs.
Creator Copyright ChatStick is an immediate agent for the immediate removal of the infringing App.
8. Does ChatStick have a sticker size?
- Image size: height 300 - 618 pixels x width 300 - 618 pixels, format: PNG
-Filename : Number_1 , Number_2 , Number_3 ,..., Number_120
- The background of the sticker image should be transparent.
-Creators can freely design the desired size. Each size will be displayed differently, as shown in the example.
9. There is a minimum number of images. or the maximum number of images per set of stickers?
- You can submit at least 15 photos, the recommended number of photos.  is 24 images per set
10. Can creators submit stickers for sale on other platforms?
- Creators are free to submit stickers for sale. Even if the permission  ChatStick now selling stickers. but can send unique stickers Available wherever a creator wants.
11. Creators can set their own sticker prices. or set a free price?
- Able to set free price and can set price from  0.99$, 1.99$, 2.99$, 3.99$ and 4.99$
12. How much will the creator receive the revenue share of the sticker sales?
- Revenue sharing can be divided as follows:
30% - 40% ( according to the VAT of each country of sale ) : Apple Inc.,
35 % : Creator
25% : ChatStick
13. What is the length of time a creator agrees to a distributorship contract with ChatStick?
- Creators can license ChatStick for as long as they want. The minimum period is 100 days from the date of release on the App store if the creator wishes to cancel the service. Able to promptly remove stickers from the App store
14. What channels can creators track their sales from?
- As of now, it is still a 2-week report, which the team will send the report to via e-mail, but after 31 March 2017
The company will have a system behind the house. This will report online data, both sales and the status of the creator's applications.
15. The creator has the right to withdraw the share of funds from the account subject to the following conditions.

a) The licensing creator has an account balance of at least 3,000 baht.

b) A period of 75 business days is due from the date of the creator's sticker being downloaded via ChatStick for the first time.

c) Creators must provide complete and complete evidence as required by the Company. The exchange rate of dollars received into Thai baht is according to the company. announcement each month Payment of share is made using the inter-account transfer method. Which will be done on the 16th day of the month, which creators wishing to withdraw money must notify at least 2 weeks before the 16th. The company reserves the right to change the conditions and schedule without notice. in advance

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