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  " Behind the shop " We provide ONE STOP SERVICE online store management, ready to start work immediately. all types of products and services with a professional team Better value with online sales team that helps answer all questions. and can close the sale without fail shop owner trust It can definitely help increase sales and reduce working time.

behind the shop

What is ?

professional team

Selected only experienced team

familiar with sales Ready to accept all problems in the back of the house

Any customer can take it.

No matter how many customers come

We can handle it with 100% confidence.

Solve all questions without interruption

Fast response, quick response, take care of customers with care.

Answer all questions in all channels

Value for money, no hidden costs

don't have to teach no need to select people

no legal good no bonus payment

flexible at all angles

Adaptable to all types of sales

to suit every business style

Ready to go, no work involved.

No matter how difficult or difficult the job is, how big or fussy is it?

We are ready to serve.

behind the shop





communication hub

online marketing  

fully integrated

creative content

and modern presentation

up to date

Take care of customers on your behalf.

8 hours a day

online store decoration

Make your visit

delivery service in

and abroad

standard warehouse

ready to store the goods for you


Modern applications and games suitable for your business


"Professional team

fully equipped in every position"

  With a team of Creative, Designer and Copy Writer who will take care of every post that you can reach the target audience, budget doesn't escalate, increase more sales opportunities with the Marketing team, also suitable for brand building. This allows people to know your product and brand widely. 

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