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1. Main Report

​When logging in, you will see the Main Report page where the creator (Creator)  Able to view daily sales (Sale Report) that will show the number of downloads of your own stickers at the desired time interval.

​2. Create Sticker

Creator can send stickers to ChatStick system by filling in details. follow the next step

2.1 Categories

Creator can select categories for your stickers by choosing from different categories. that the system has to offer

2.2 Icon & Sticker File

1. The icon of the sticker must be uploaded as a square icon, recommended size size 167x167. Icon must be framed according to ChatStick 's Guidline only.

2. Sticker File must be uploaded as a .zip file only.

3.  Sticker details

These include the app name, description, and keyword. Creator can choose to describe in either language.

(But there should be details in both languages to make the information complete)

>> can download documents and templates here <<

4. Reset Password

For security use, Creator can change the Password for the next ChatStick login by yourself.

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