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324/12 Verve Phetkasem 81
Ma Charoen Road (Petchkasem 81), Nong Khaem, Bangkok 10160
1. What is ChatStick Market?
- We are a service that allows creators to send stickers. Released through the ChatStick application.  Market  The stickers will be available on iOS and Android devices, where users can send stickers via iMessage and can also be sent to any chat application via Emoji Keyboard, including Line, Facebook, Messenger. , Wechat, etc. With a team of technical and marketing experts to take care and support creators to send stickers to the eyes of people around the world.
2. Interested in applying to sell stickers with ChatStick, what should I do?
- Creators can Register Online via the web :  
If you have any questions, you can ask for more information at  

- Facebook :

- Line@ :  @chatstick

- Telephone : 084-010-4252 , 081-892-5954 , 085-833-6612
Office Hotline : 02-297-0811
034-900-165 (Monday-Friday)

3. Where can I send stickers?
- Once the creator is registered You can update the sticker set via the web at all. by uploading method can study at
4. What documents are required to apply for ChatStick?
- Copy of ID card (Card does not expire) with a signed copy Sign and date signed 1 sheet
- A copy of the certificate of notification of copyright information with a signed copy Sign and date signed 1 sheet (if any)
- An image showing a sample of the work (if any)
5. Do creators have to pay anything to apply for ChatStick?
- free  Free of charge or if you want to apply for free distribution on behalf of the brand, click here.
6. Can the stickers sent to be sold with ChatStick are the same as those that have been sold elsewhere?
- If the creator is the copyright owner whether it has been sold anywhere before An existing image can be sent to  ChatStick is instant.
7. How long does it take for a sticker to be approved?
- Time depends on the ChatStick team will consider. Most of them will take about 2 - 7 days.
8. What measures will ChatStick take? When found to be used without copyright permission.
- ChatStick is a sticker dealer. that have registered with the Apple Developer Program and Android Developer Program as a limited company In order to obtain full copyright protection rights from Apple, the provider of iMessage on iOS and Android operating systems, ChatStick will act as a representative for immediate removal of the infringing app.
9.ChatStick  Is there a sticker size set?

- Image size: height 420 pixels x width 420 pixels

- Format : PNG or APNG

- Filename : Number_1 , Number_2 , Number_3 ,..., Number_120

- Sticker image background should be transparent.

- Creators can freely design the desired size. 

10. Is there a minimum or maximum number of images per sticker set?
- The number of images that can be sent from  8 photos or more  But the recommended number of images is 24-40 images per 1 sticker set.
11. Can creators submit stickers for sale on other platforms?
- Although the permission has been granted by ChatStick to sell the sticker packs Creators are free to submit other sticker packs to other platforms for sale.
12. Can creators set their own sticker prices?
- Prices can be set from  0.99$, 1.99$, 2.99$, 3.99$ to 9.99$
13. How much will the creator receive the revenue share of the sticker sales?

- revenue share  can be divided as follows  is

30% - 40% (according to VAT of each country of sale) : Apple Inc.,

35 % : Creator

25% : ChatStick

14. What is the length of time a creator agrees to a distributorship contract with ChatStick?

- Creators can grant permissions to ChatStick as needed. The minimum period is 365 days from the date the sticker is sold on  ChatStick Market if the creator wishes to cancel the service.  Stickers can be removed from ChatStick Market immediately.

15. What channels can creators track their sales from?
- Creators can view sales on the website: by registering and importing sticker information into the system there.
16. The creator has the right to withdraw the share of funds from the account subject to the following conditions.
a) The licensors have a minimum of 100 USD or 3,000 baht in their account balance.
b) A period of 75 business days is due from the date of the creator's sticker being downloaded via ChatStick for the first time.
c) Creators must provide complete and complete evidence as required by the Company. The exchange rate of dollars received into Thai baht is according to the company. announcement each month Payment of share is made using the inter-account transfer method. Which will be done on the 16th day of the month, which creators wishing to withdraw money must notify at least 2 weeks before the 16th. The company reserves the right to change the conditions and schedule without notice. in advance
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