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Introducing Kitty Minecraft Skins Bomber Games

Who likes bomb games? Adventure in a new puzzle-like world that will enhance your gaming experience. Introducing Kitty Minecraft Skins Bomber Games, a cute game from ChatStick brand that will brighten and enjoy your free time.

An online game in which the character skins are designed in a 3D shape similar to Minecraft, the game lets you take on the role of a character who tries to blow up blocks. The cat that gets in our way and at the same time has to find a way out of the maze inside the level.

Kitty Minecraft Skins Bomber Games

Open the game, we will find the main menu page that shows pictures of cute characters and graphics, bright colors, cute colors, pastel style, sweet and cute.

Kitty Minecraft Skins Bomber Games

When entering the game, we will see a menu page for dressing and viewing our information. The bottom left bar is a button showing how many blocks we have played and how many blocks have been blown up. In order to get the points obtained from exploding the specified number of blocks to receive a reward.

The bottom right bar is a bar showing a button to start the game and see how many levels in the game there are. How far have we reached the gate? You can choose to play in both types, namely, fast games. Play with the AI ​​system or other players (Quick Play) or can play according to the levels that the game has set (World map).

The top left bar has a box to display the diamonds and silver coins we have. which can be accumulated in addition to playing games and can also be used to buy skins or character decorations in the shop as well

Kitty Minecraft Skins Bomber Games

Inside the shop menu, there are many decorations. various colors And there are different themes of the outfits. For those who like to wear a set of clothes, they can gradually You can play, collect and buy until you complete your collection of sets.

Kitty Minecraft Skins Bomber Games

Within the play bar according to the level that the game provides (World map), there will be a map showing how far we can travel. And where have you arrived? The last stage we see is a big icon. The skull is the stage that decides our destiny that we will be able to fight strong Mephistopheles. with what ability

Kitty Minecraft Skins Bomber Games

The game in the World map mode will have a characteristic level that allows us to find a way out of this maze. They must find the key and avoid being attacked by the cat. The way to find the key is easy to find. by blasting off blocks besides getting the key We will also receive special items to enhance our strength as well.

Kitty Minecraft Skins Bomber Games

As for the levels in Quick Play mode, we will be playing with AI or 3 other players, where we will have to try to survive as the last person of the game. Suitable for people who do not have time to play and do not like to play games for a long time. Games in this category can be fun and enjoyable for a short period of time.

Kitty Minecraft Skins Bomber Games

When we lose or get bombed The game will display the Game Over window where we can choose to play again or stop playing and return to the main menu.

Personally, we are impressed in the part of the game system that is simple, cute, comfortable, bright colors, pastel colors, cute and embarrassed. The graphics build on from the idea of ​​the characters in Minecraft, the skins are cute, well designed, and there is also a Quick Game system that we can play and finish the game quickly.

For anyone who is interested in this game, you can go to play at the website. Most importantly, it's free to play and can be played by all genders and ages. There are also many different categories of games that you can choose to play as you like.



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