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Introducing Woof Woof Dungeon Run

Woof Woof Dungeon Run is a puzzle adventure game in a simulated world. We traveled in the mines and hunted for treasure. there will be various obstacles to prevent us from reaching our destination

This game is created by the brand ChatStick, a character sticker design company. And there is an online game production and development studio that has designed the internal characters based on the character sticker design. and favorite themes

Open the game and you will see the game's menu page first. It will show graphics, beautiful colors, lines of characters and allow us to guess the way of the game inside out a bit.

Woof Woof Dungeon Run

Within the game, when we pressed to start, then The game level will be visible and you can start the game immediately, showing your HP or your blood in the form of 3 hearts on the bottom right side of the screen.

Woof Woof Dungeon Run

The way to play is not difficult and most of them use basic buttons. If playing on the phone, it will use the touch screen. set walking direction The computer uses the W A S D keys to control.

We just have to direct the direction of the character to reach the destination. Along the way there will be obstacles such as thorns, fireworks, knives and many more, and we can also collect coins to update the character as well.

Woof Woof Dungeon Run

And if we miss the obstacles until our hearts are completely used up The screen will bring up the Game Over window for us to choose what to do next. There will be 2 menus which will describe each menu in order as follows:

Select Character


Select Character menu

This menu will take us to the page of the character shop. It will have the character that we started to show first. You can press the arrow keys to scroll through the characters and prices. Each character has different skins and prices. Easy way to collect coins Just play the game and collect coins along the way in the levels.

Woof Woof Dungeon Run

Woof Woof Dungeon Run

Woof Woof Dungeon Run

Woof Woof Dungeon Run

Restart menu

This menu will take us back to starting a new game from the beginning. For those who want to challenge again

Overall, it's a stress-relieving game. It also allows us to use our free time. Let's go and enjoy. Plus the lines are also designed in detail and intentionally. It has a game feel similar to the popular game Minecraft as well.

If anyone is looking for a cute online game or interested in the game Woof Woof Dungeon Run, you can play at the website. Can play for free and can play for all ages.



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