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Learn the customer buying process from Model AIDA, a popular marketing✨

Learn the customer buying process from Model AIDA, a popular marketing✨

📍What is AIDA?

AIDA is a marketing strategy used to describe processes. of marketing campaigns Aida (AIDA) is a marketing model used in advertising and public relations all over the world. especially to create brand awareness (brand awareness) or make different types of brands Can sit in the mind of the consumer itself. The working principle of AIDA is simple. In addition to prioritizing techniques to motivate the target audience to be interested in the brand. to transform the status into a customer group in the end

The name AIDA is a name derived from the abbreviations of the 4 steps of the AIDA Model that are the hierarchy that occur in customer purchases, namely Attention, Interest, Desire and Action, respectively. Each part has the following preliminary meanings:

-Attention is creating interest. by using something that stimulates customer interest

-Interest is to make customers interested in products or services by providing additional information.

-Desire is to create or make customers have a desire (to buy).

-Action is to get customers to take action. or decide to buy (close the sale)

📍A-Attention refers to techniques for attracting attention.

whether it is marketing online or offline Keeping the attention of your target audience is the key to sales success. Especially at present, the market for creams and cosmetics is highly competitive. The brand owner therefore has to design a sales method and product packaging to 'pop the eye' of the target audience at first sight. may use various techniques Whether it's using images, smells, sounds, attracting touches or promotions, discounts, exchanges, giveaways or other sales forms that help motivate people to turn to the product Viral marketing is a form of attraction.

📍I-Interest means a technique to create curiosity.

After being able to 'stop' people to turn to see the product. The next step proposed by the AIDA model is to create a sense of curiosity among those target audiences for the product. That means more curiosity about the product. what is it made of What are the ingredients, where is it produced, and what are the benefits? or what is the price This step is very important. Because it's what the target audience will use to decide whether to 'go further' with this product or not. 'Turn around', so this step has to play quite a bit with psychology. In addition to 'interest' meaning interest, it also means 'benefits'. So if brand owners can point out their target audience that they will benefit from your purchases rather than buying them. leave without buying It will help to hold the customer in a fist.

📍D-Desire means need.

After the brand owner is able to capture the attention and pin the target audience to the product. The next step is to create demand for the product, for example after the cream's properties and specialties have been advertised. You might even be giving away samples to customers to take home. Along with attaching a contact channel as well The important thing is that special prizes may be given if customers take the product to review on Facebook or post on YouTube to create word of mouth to make the product known. Such steps will help the target group to create more demand for the product. This is because it is evident that they can benefit from buying more than not buying it.

📍A-Action means action.

All success begins with the first step. No work can be accomplished without action. After laying out an AIDA-based advertising and marketing strategy for your brand, it's important to have the courage to go through trial and error yourself. There is no fixed formula for running a business. There are only principles that can be used as a guide or a guide to solving problems. What matters is experience and learning from practice. because in reality Plans such as using the presenter to get the attention of the target audience may not be as effective as expected. You can use the aforementioned deficiencies to improve the promotion guidelines to be more suitable and effective. because the current business Brand owners have to learn new things. and must adapt all the time to succeed

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