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Mascot "Aspira Hotels and Resorts"

"Aspira Hotels and Resorts", a four-star quality hotel, offers a great sleep experience with a good location along the BTS, MRT, and a full range of facilities such as gym, swimming pool, gym and gym. City shuttle, plenty of 🕶🧳 food and beverage service

🟡 The concept of the mascot is to represent the brand. It can be prominently inserted into the brand. Convey the hotel's products and services. It's unique, it's special, it's easy to remember. It's simple, friendly, approachable. The brand has chosen type B to build upon 🪅.The design team was inspired by a logo that resembled a unique triangle. The design is a soft curved cartoon line. The plump shape enhances the cuteness, smiling face, bright and friendly. And don't forget to use CI to combine to help design a more ✨ unique and easily recognizable design.

🪄 It can be used to expand in a variety of ways, such as speaking for services. Bridging the gap, Mascot Activity, LINE Sticker, Online media, artwork on pages, website pages and remarketing with ease. Long lasting It is a very worthwhile investment. 😎

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