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Mascot "National Institute for Emergency Medicine (NIEM)"

"National Institute for Emergency Medicine (NIEM)" Thailand has an international standard of emergency medical system that people trust and emergency patients receive quality, thorough and equitable services. It is a well-rounded society and a strong 🚑💥 network of participation.

🚨The concept mascot is for the mascot to represent the organization. It is used to publicize and speak for duties and news to reach the target audience more easily. Reduce the spacing gap between each other. Friendly, approachable, eye-catching helps create good 🩺 recognition. It has been designed as a male personnel character to represent this time. Designed in cartoon style Big head, small body, cute look, easy to access, but the appearance is not too young, because it must be trustworthy, trustworthy. Luke is friendly, determined. A bright smiling face. Big sparkling eyes, big smile with tech care, short dark brown hairstyle, natural look, casual look, dressed in unique corporate clothes with reflective green shirt. It has a distinctive emblem that is recognizable at first sight ✨.

💊 It can be used to speak for news. media as well. Reduce distance between each other, enhance friendliness, and create good recognition. No need to pay to hire a presenter. Able to expand a variety of Mascot Standies Show, souvenirs, Sticker LINE, Online marketing, story creation is a worthwhile one-time investment. Multi-channel ❤ utilization

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