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Mascot - "WrapSociety"

"WrapSociety", the number 1 Wrapcar Center in Thailand that meets the first and only standard. New innovation of car decoration with wrap film, easy to change car color. No need to paint the car to pay the price. Choose to use high quality film as the Wrapcar grade directly.

The mascot concept is to have a mascot to represent the brand. used to describe products and services Bridging the gap between brands and customers It fits well with the brand. Professional, reliable, friendly, happy to serve ChatStick. A male employee who specializes in Wrapcar, the brand has chosen Type A to further develop. Cartoon lines with big head and small body look cute and friendly for easy access. A discreet face suited to be an expert. look reliable Big round eyes with a twinkle of determination and willingness to serve. dressed in artisan-style clothes Create a memorable image by using the brand's CI in the design. Add a hat with the brand's logo to stand out. and reinforces the memory more clearly

A mascot can be used to speak for a brand very well. Reduce the distance between brands and customers. enhance friendliness and create brand recognition Don't have to pay to hire a presenter. It can be extended in a variety of ways, whether it is a Mascot standee show, souvenirs, Sticker LINE, online marketing, creating a story for the brand. It is considered a one-time investment that is very worthwhile and can be used in many ways.


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"StickerLine Photo Sticker Line Sticker Line Pictures You can contact us 24 hours a day.

Examples of designs for LINE stickers for companies, brands and organizations

Examples of LINE sticker designs, artists, celebrities and famous people

Examples of LINE sticker designs that we can send to all apps, whether Facebook, WeChat, KakaoTalk, Messenger, Whatsapp


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