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📣Recommend 15 Video Editor for PC and Mobile for Beginners (Free / Paid) 2021

📣Recommend 15 Video Editor for PC and Mobile for Beginners (Free / Paid) 2021

in video marketing, video editing software is an indispensable tool It helps to produce a video that tells the complete story of a product, story or information, and then presents it to the next target audience.

If you're a beginner learning how to edit videos or are interested in becoming a Video Creator, the question is, which program is right for you to create awesome videos?

Today we're going to take you to see both free and pro video editors that are easy to use on your computer. Plus an editing app that can be used in mobile devices or iPads as well, a total of 15 of them, what's there to try?

1.Hitfilm Express (Windows, macOS)

Hitfilm Express is another free video editor without watermark for PC which is very popular both in Thailand and abroad. Because besides the free version, there is no watermark. The features are enough to create quality videos with ease.

Advantages - Pros

- Ease of Use | Hitfilm Express is another program that has been praised for its user-friendly interface. Simple function design See and understand immediately

- PROFESSIONAL FEATURES | Even though it's a Free Version, the cool features There is a lot to use. because in addition to the basic video and audio editing features that are available to choose from It can also create complex work in 3D or 360 degrees and supports resolutions up to 4K.

and because of the ultimate ability of the program can edit video Able to create professional movies or movies that means When you accumulate experience at And if you want to become a Professional Video Creator, you can use Hitfilm Express as your weapon. Don't waste time learning other tools at all.

Pro Version | Available as Per Feature or All-in Feature for $369

This program is for: Professional video editors, agencies, film editors.

Video Tutorial on Hitfilm Express [Detailed]

- Teach how to use Hitfilm from installation to editing by Ajarn Knock


Free video editors aren't just good for saving you money. But it's also nice to have a lot of toolbars with a full range of editing functions that may be comparable to a professional program. But for those who are new to video editing, it might be confusing and a little difficult to use. If you keep practicing will surely be fascinated by the deity

The good thing about Lightworks free video editor is that there are so many tools to choose from that you can cut it like a pro. and can work in real time When the cut is finished Videos can be uploaded to Youtube, Facebook, etc. platforms immediately.

Price for Lightworks Pro : about 750 baht/month and about 5,250 baht/year

More information:

3.Davinci Resolve

When it comes to free video editors that stand out in terms of color adjustments. and adjust video quality Davinci Resolve is a mac video editor that helps color grading and video editing. and adjust the quality to a high professional level

But what's exciting is The latest update of the paid pro, he says, has an intelligent Neural Engine, an AI system that helps work on video editing to the next level, whether it's facial recognition, deleting objects once and disappearing the whole video. etc.

The advantage of the free video editor Davinci Resolve is that it can colorize your videos with beautiful tones and achieve ultra-HD file quality.

Price for Davinci Resolve : Both free and about 8,970 baht for DaVinci Resolve Studio 16.

4.Windows Movie Maker

Screen video editor free cable is easy to use on the mac side. Windows that can be said to be extremely easy to use, but it's a pity that Microsoft has announced that the service has closed and let the program download. For newer versions of Windows may have to say goodbye to this program.

The advantage of the free video editor iMovie is that it is easy to use and lightweight.

Pricing for Windows Movie Maker: Free

5.Adobe Premiere Pro

Awesome video editor that many people must know. Because whether newbies are learning to edit to advanced pro level, they all need this program. With this free video editor It supports video, still images, and moving images in high definition quality up to 4K, 5K and 6K, and is compatible with other Adobe family programs.

The advantage of the free video editor Adobe Premiere Pro is that it supports all your video editing needs. And it's not difficult to use because there are many video tutorials on how to use the video editor on youtube. It is recommended that there should be

Pricing for Adobe Premiere Pro : Available for a 7-day free trial and costs around 600-900 baht per month depending on the package.


If you don't want the hassle of downloading a program onto your computer, come here because this video editing software called VEED.IO can help you edit videos right on your web browser. Fast and efficient rows There are many functions. Suitable for use from simple editing. to moderately complex editing. Of course, if cutting something heavy may not be suitable But if you want to edit the clip on Social Media, Youtube clip, it's definitely suitable. It also supports all devices as well.

The highlight of this program is its simplicity, both in terms of interface and in terms of use. who likes simple things I certify that you will like to use it for sure.

VEED IO Pricing: Available from a Free plan, a Basic plan starting from around $570 or 18 USD per month, and a Pro plan starting at USD (Enterprise plans are also available).

More information:

7.Sony Vegas (Windows)

Sony Vegas Video Editor [now renamed to Vegas] is one of the most popular programs in Thailand. Which is suitable for editors from the amateur level. to professional

Advantages - Pros

- Easy to use | The highlight of Vegas is the User Interface that is simple, easy to use, the editing window, even if it looks a bit basic. (personal opinion) But the good thing is that it gives editors quick and easy access to the necessary tools. Therefore, it is another program that is popularly used by beginners in editing. with its simplicity but its efficiency

- Full features | Reputed to be a paid program However, the editing feature must be full for sure. is another program that has been reviewed as There are definitely enough tools and effects to create professional videos.

Price: $49.99 for Vegas Movie Studio, $79.99 for Vegas Movie Studio Platinum, $139.00 for Vegas Movie Studio Suite, $299.00 for Vegas Pro Edit, $349.00 for Vegas Pro, and $449.00 for Vegas Pro Suite.

This program is suitable for: general users, youtubers, agencies.

8.VideoStudio Pro by Corel

Another easy-to-use pro video editor. It can be used to cut quite quickly and comfortably, even a beginner video cutter can use it. But the quality is not inferior in any way. Because it supports relatively high file quality and supports a wide range of applications. It is another program that can be used to cut in important tasks.

The advantage of the free video editor VideoStudio Pro by Corel is that it is fast and easy, but supports high quality files. It is another program that is quite convenient. Plus, it can be instantly uploaded on various social media platforms.

Pricing for VideoStudio Pro by Corel : Available for free trial and about 2,400 baht for Pro.


Free video editor for Mac or macOS users, no matter if you use it or not. But as long as you have a mac device you can access this video editor. Because it's an easy-to-use video editor, even a beginner can use it. Overall, it's a basic video editor. that may not be able to support the use of a large pro-scale but can be cut at a satisfactory level

The advantage of the free video editor iMovie is that it is easy to use and lightweight.

Pricing for iMovie : Free for mac users.

✨ Mobile video editor app (Free / Paid)

10. VLLO (Android&iOS)

VLLO is one of the applications. Video Editor for Beginners Popular free characters in Thailand with a look that looks easy to use plus a variety of features

Advantages - Pros

- Full feature | is a mobile video editor with complete basic functions Add background music, add text, arrange the video, adjust the speed and blur the image.

- No watermark | VLLO [Free Version] No watermark to bother you.

- Value for money | If you want full features Can be purchased for about 390 baht (lifetime), which is considered very cheap compared to what you get.

Price: Free, ฿390

Play Store Rating: 4.3/5

App Store Rating: 4.8/5

This program is best for: Professional editors, creators, marketers.

VLLO tutorial video [detailed]

- Teaching how to use VLLO to edit videos on mobile [For newbies]

11. FilmoraGo (iOS/Android)

An application that can put both effects add sound effects and motion graphics Once saved, you can press share on social media immediately. Suitable for videos that are not used very seriously.

The good thing about the free video editor FilmoraGo is that it's full-featured, easy to use, convenient, and fast.

Pricing for FilmoraGo: Free but with a watermark.

12. Adobe Premiere Clip (iOS/Android)

An application called Provides pro-level editing Full features are available Videos and projects can be synced with Adobe Creative Cloud for editing on your computer. more convenient

The advantage of the free video editor, Adobe Premiere Clip, is that it's full-featured, so you can call it a mini-pro.

Pricing for Adobe Premiere Clip: Free

13. VivaVideo (iOS/Android)

Easy to use mobile video editor Editing is comfortable, just press to select various features, can edit, choose color theme, add background music, adjust speed, add stickers and add FX, etc.

The good thing about the free video editor VivaVideo is that it is very easy to use. Quite suitable for non-serious video cutting tasks.

Price for VivaVideo : Free but with a small watermark.

14. YouCut (Android)

YouCut, the free and watermarked mobile video editor. The same developer as the InShot program looks easy to use. Suitable for a wide range of users It has the basic functions that pro video editors rely on, like rotating/flipping/cropping videos.

Advantages - Pros

- Free editing app, no watermark.

- The quality remains the same when compressed.

- Lots of effects to choose from

- Support 4K resolution

Price: Free , ฿97.00 – ฿400.00 per item

Play Store Rating: 4.8/5

This program is suitable for: YouTubers, Creators, Agencies.

15. KineMaster Video Editor (Android&iOS)

KineMaster is a popular phone video maker. People miss it a lot. As a result, the brand has the money to develop their video making program to be more quality.

Advantages - Pros

- There are many features and effects in editing. Compared to other phone video editing apps

- The system is quite stable. There are no visible distractions.


- You have to pay to remove the watermark.

Price: Free (with watermark), ฿26.00 – ฿1,269.55 per item.

Play Store Rating: 4.4/5

App Store Rating: 4.8/5

This program is good for: Creators, YouTubers, Marketers.

Additional information: KineMaster

And here are the 15 Video Editor for Beginners Update 2021 that we've compiled and summarized. I hope it will be useful to everyone, so in addition to reading this article. We recommend researching each program before making a purchase. or download a video editing program to use So that you can choose the program that is most suitable for your use.

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