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📣 15 independent careers that make millions of money in 2021

📣 15 independent careers that make millions of money in 2021  The more the era changed Being a salaryman gradually decreases in role and importance. Modern people are starting to not stick to the idea of ​​being a civil servant. or the master They work more independently. more flexible And expecting to be your own boss, a freelance career has become the thing that meets the needs of today's lifestyle the most.

📣 15 independent careers that make millions of money in 2021

The more the era changed Being a salaryman gradually decreases in role and importance. Modern people are starting to not stick to the idea of ​​being a civil servant. or the master They work more independently. more flexible And expecting to be your own boss, a freelance career has become the thing that meets the needs of today's lifestyle the most.

Therefore, we have compiled a presentation Popular freelance career that can make hundreds of thousands to millions of money for you in 2021. What will it be? Let's see.

1. Online sales

The best freelance career that can be made as a supplementary career is good. main occupation Being an online seller is still the top choice. For those who choose to come out to work independently Because the seller can "choose" what to buy, what to sell, and at what price.

Especially now that merchants are able to procure and promote their sales through various online channels, whether Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, there are more opportunities to sell products.

What new online sellers do not forget is Getting to know your own products and services very well. Because most current customers will have a rather detailed question. educating and answer all customer questions It is an important aspect of online selling.

If investing in the right product There is psychology in advertising and sales. Your chances of making hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars are not a dream but a tangible one.

2. Photographer

For those who are passionate about photography and having some money Being a freelance photographer is another interesting career that can be developed in a variety of ways.

Whether it's taking photos of natural landscapes and uploading them to sell on the internet. or store images as an album to promote their craftsmanship on social networks such as Facebook or Instagram for interested people to hire them to take photos at events Or a graduation job is not a bad option.

The more you do it until you become a famous photographer. I started having my own team. to make hundreds of thousands of dollars per month Or more, it's not an exaggeration at all.

3. Special tutor

just have knowledge Everything is always possible Both knowledge in the lesson such as mathematics, science or knowledge outside the lesson. such as speaking techniques, socializing or specialized techniques in various tasks

Today's learning is not like the old days. Everything can be learned through the world more online. And can become a teacher through the online world as well. whether it is teaching live through live video Record your own teaching clips on YouTube (YouTube). The more you teach, the more experiences you can collect. This will make them know what the students want and teach them more precisely.

most importantly Learning has no age limit for both learners and teachers. Not many people choose to study additional subjects in their working age. Many students teach their favorite subjects to earn money until they graduate. The money earned from being a tutor can be invested. can be further expanded in other businesses

4. Blogger

Blogger or blogger is to write a story for a website similar to writing a diary but may write to educate, advertise, or tell others what interests you.

Blogging is very popular these days. This is because most Internet users are interested in acquiring knowledge through social media. And more websites, whether it's academically difficult. or simple things such as choosing a restaurant

What makes most bloggers successful is staying true to their passions. For example, food enthusiasts focus on food reviews. People who like clothes will also be reviewing clothing collections. Or even buy and sell clothes because blogs can do a variety of things. No format restrictions A blogger with a lot of followers can earn tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for advertising, depending on what they blog about.

5. Youtuber / Vlogger

More than blogging Is to be a YouTuber (YouTuber) or Vlogger (Vlogger) who does not focus on writing. But mainly focusing on video recording itself.

People will remember things From the picture and sound is easier than the letters. Some of the modern learning needs to be taught through video. It's no surprise that the younger generation gets used to these technologies and pays attention. In particular, a dedicated YouTube number such as a car YouTube number. Focusing on car reviews, car repairs, explaining various working principles of the engine, etc.

In doing business like this, there will be money coming in both from advertising costs. donations from viewers Sometimes it can be rewarded with products from different brands as well.

6. Writer

Whether writing fiction, writing articles, nowadays it has become a freelance career that makes money much easier than in the past. Due to the current printing of work does not need to go through a publisher anymore. Readers can buy novels. Book online through the website and read on your smart device. or a computer right away

if confident I want to print a book and has a channel to sell books It can be printed directly to various printing houses. do not have to go through an intermediary Even with more risks, you can trade in big money if you are successful.

7. Translator / Interpreter

Language is an important aspect of communication for people all over the world. Since Thailand is a tourist country Including many foreign industries to set up factories Therefore, a career as a translator is indispensable. especially Chinese, English, Japanese and neighboring languages ​​such as Myanmar

Of course, a simple translator career might not make enough money. All document translators therefore need to learn more. especially specialized knowledge such as terminology used in manufacturing plants Terminology in each area or legal terminology

If we can work hard, the value per job of hiring will increase accordingly. and have the opportunity to do important jobs that can be developed in other areas in the future, such as being an independent interpreter working for an embassy, ​​etc.

8. Product promoter / product reviewer

This occupation can work anywhere. As long as you have internet, you can work anywhere. For example, in the United States, there will be a business in the form of referrals or products. In order to receive commissions or compensation from a percentage of the product. The company will send the product to be tested before being released. Which this career can make up to $ 20,000 - 95,000 (about 656,000 - 3,100,000 baht), etc.

9.Designer and create 3D cartoons

For those who have the ability to draw Making both 2D and 3D effects is the perfect homework. Because they can be accepted as freelancers to work independently without having to go to the office. It also has a very good compensation.

10. Chef

Who has a special talent or passion for cooking? whether it is sweet and savory food This passion can be turned into a business. This may start with making snacks or food from the kitchen at home. make a small business Open for sale in the store and can be ordered online. Maybe create a page on Facebook and promote what's their own food. Just like this, it will make more people know about our shop.

11. Babysitter

Today's babysitting career is in great demand in the modern world. However, before we can become a nanny, we must have a license. Otherwise, if we do it without a license, it is illegal.

12. Event organizer

Whether planning a wedding birthday party or corporate events They all need a person or a company to help make the work happen and get it done smoothly. Where we have to go to plan the event, organize the event, take care of the event and keep everything in order. When the party is over

13. Programmer

Anyone who has graduated in computer field directly, I have to say that besides being preferred by many companies, doing a freelance career or being a freelance writing programmer can make a lot of money.

14. Craftsman

For anyone who is skilled in crafting Embroidery, carving or like in sculpture. It is highly recommended that you open an online store using your own handicrafts. This can be considered as starting a business that does not require much investment. And can also make money quickly as well.

15. Stylist

If you are a person who loves fashion and likes to dress up. and also want to work at home A stylist career is the best for you. where we can be an online stylist and give advice to those who need it via social media, for example on a Facebook page, we are able to live Q&A with customers, etc.

Self-employment quoted is just one part of a multimillion-dollar career in the modern era. No matter what your occupation If there is effort, learning and planning, just don't give up. and always strive to work You will have the opportunity to succeed in your career.


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