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7 tips for opening a bakery to be great❗

7 tips for opening a bakery to be great❗

One of the dreams of people who want to own a business after food and beverages is to have a small “bakery” decorated in a cute way. in a crowded area which would be just a dream If you haven't started yet, do it. For anyone who has a dream but doesn't know where to start or doesn't know how to do it, this article has 7 great tips to recommend as follows.

🔸 Type of bakery business

1. Get snacks from other places to sell.

Bakery, the HOME brand of Suan Dusit Rajabhat University, is a classic example of this type of bakery. We will see people bringing HOME brand snacks to sell at various places. or set up a table for sale This is an easy to start pattern. just go get snacks and put it up for sale You don't have to spend money on buying a baking machine. Don't waste your energy And the snacks that are sold are definitely delicious.

2. Make your own snacks

If you have a little more capital and have been to a Bakery making class or are confident in their craftsmanship This type of bakery business will make more money Because we don't have to go to get snacks from other places which have the cost of buying. Definitely more expensive than the snacks that we make ourselves. But you have to try and weigh that. investment added Will it be worth the increased income or not?

3. Bakery shop with seating full form

If you don't want to sell only Bakery and think that the desserts are made It's better than just being a general store. then opened a bakery with seating in full form because the price of snacks will be sold more expensive than the first 2 types with the aim to be a meeting point For those who come to eat snacks, talk, or read books, which match the lifestyle of the new generation as well.

4. Selling candy shop franchises

If you have a 2nd or 3rd type of candy shop and find a lot of people entering your shop. And you have a good store management system. until thinking that he wants to expand the branch But stick to the point where there is no additional investment. Your great choice Probably selling your store franchise. Now you can expand the branch. using someone else's investment

🔸 How was the bakery that failed?

1. Overdoing things

This problem often arises with shop owners who can't make sweets and have to hire a baker. Remember, don't put your store's future in the hands of others. If uncontrollable events happen, disaster will ensue. and in the same way as the shopkeeper who thinks big without looking into reality It is another cause of failure as well.

2. Do not study the method of operation Lack of good management

In fact, no matter what business If you are thinking of doing it, you should do some research first to prevent failure. At the same time, you should set up a good management system. to make the operation go smoothly If any business lacks both of these parts, you can count the days and wait for it to go bankrupt.

3. The shop does not have a distinctive point to remember and lacks a variety of desserts.

The main attraction that will lead customers to come into your store and decide to come back to buy your treats again is that you need to showcase your strengths and make them feel that “I have to come back to this store.” A store that lacks both its strengths and variety will soon be unaware of it.

🔸 7 tips. If you are thinking of opening a "bakery shop", you can do it as follows. It will be great!

1. The concept of the store must be clear.

The concept of the store must not be imitated by anyone. Just by exploring your own needs may be personal preferences. Then apply it to your lifestyle. It is important to know what we sell, to whom and what customers like.

Good store concept It must come from an accurate market survey. Remember that “taste” may not always be a selling point. when the point of sale of the shop is not the taste must answer that Why do customers come to our store?

2. Location

Location is important to determine whether Will the store succeed or fail? Important factors in choosing a bakery location are customer base, competitors, accessibility, parking, as well as visibility. In addition, the location inside or outside the shopping mall is also an important consideration.

3. Snacks must be diverse. and add an alternative menu

One of the success factors is the variety of desserts. But this variety doesn't mean you have to make multiple treats at once. You could set out 3-4 unique treats of the day, and the rest keep rotating. Together, it's a way for you to determine the type of dessert each day. At the same time, the current health care trend is strong. You may add an alternative menu as a point of sale to attract more customers to your store.

4. Source of funds

No matter what business you run or even sell online yourself, capital is always a necessity. The source of funds for the shop may be from our own money. Family, partner, or bank financing But in the last case, collateral is required.

Investing in a bakery Must plan the initial investment in the period before opening the shop. (Pre-operating) to cover such as deposit for rent of the place, decoration cost, equipment cost, raw material cost in the beginning. Advertising costs through various channels, etc., but no matter how well you calculate it. It is necessary to keep an additional 10% of the emergency budget because there are always expenses outside the plan, such as graphics costs, additional construction costs. even the various license fees

5. Unique decoration design

In an era where social media is becoming more and more influential Delicious desserts or excellent service may not be enough anymore Different and unique store decorations create an opportunity to compete. Impress customers and share those experiences on social media, making the shop known in a short time. The best way to build a store as we envisioned it is to delegate this responsibility to an architect or designer. So that you can spend the rest of your time focusing on other planning. You may set a budget for decoration. including the theme of the shop to be sent to the architect to design

6. Listen to customer feedback willingly.

Feedback is a mirror to your overall product quality. Accepting feedback and improving it will improve your bakery's survival and growth.

7. Make good use of online channels

Our storefront is not just the location where we are located. But if we use online marketing systematically. There is a blog to create a community of the shop. Fan page to show customer activities, create Line At for marketing communication, make CRM, believe that we will definitely bind customers in their fists. And most importantly, there must be a beautiful corner, a menu that looks appetizing. To take a lot of pictures Customers take photos to help share, it will be a driving force to help us grow our sales.

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