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How to write a successful business model ✨

How to write a successful business model

How to write a successful business model ✨

Why business models are an important way to survive in the Digital Disruption era, executives or business owners should write the model to be

📌What is Business Model Canvas?

A new tool for building business models. Use the method to write the answers on the canvas. Canvas from 9 questions every business person should know.

1. Who are the customers? (Customer Segments)

Answer the question, who is the 'customer' of our business? And what needs does this group have, both now and in the future? Can be categorized as follows:

- Mass Market, a large group of people who are general consumers

- Niche Market is divided into specific groups of customers.

- Segmented to divide customers by area

2. What will you offer to your customers (Value Proposition)?

- Quantitative Value, tangible value such as price, efficiency

- Qualitative Value: Intangible value, such as the customer experience.

3. Channels to reach customers

Think about what channels your product is suitable for. Want to sell with a storefront or on the website or think that there are still other channels Is there anything else that can bring the product to the target audience?

4. How to manage the relationship between the organization and its customers? (Customer Relationships)

Businesses can manage their relationships in a number of ways. There are sales staff to take good care of customers. Or for other forms of business, try Self-service, Automated services or Co-creation, etc.

5. What kind of items do you want to sell? (Revenue Streams)

- Asset Sale, such as building a house for sale to the customer as the full owner

- Usage free how much customers want to use sold only

- Subscription fees. Customers can use as many products and services as they want. but have to pay monthly as scheduled

- Lending / renting / leasing, leasing or leasing

- Licensing The owner of the work receives royalties from the use of the work in products and services.

- Brokerage fee is paid as a commission.

- Advertising: Hiring to make advertisements in various formats

6. What are the required costs? (Key Resources)

Most of the costs are human resources, money and knowledge.

7. What are Key Activities?

It is an activity that businesses must do to create value for their customers.

8. What kind of partners do you want? (Key Partners)

Not every business can succeed alone. Think about it. What other business needs to be involved with you? Selling online requires a logistics company.

9. What does the cost come from? (Cost Structure)

You need to know what your cost structure is. What do you have to pay regularly? What are the expenses that need to be calculated again? It is recommended that if the business is not very big. I want to start doing this from the beginning. so that you don't have to pay expensive later

📌 Why is business modeling important?

In the era before Digital Disruption, 'product' is the most important thing in doing business. If the goods and services are good Businesses have a chance of success easily. But now the business model is playing a bigger role. Because only the competition on 'price' is not enough anymore, everyone can produce cheap products of similar quality. Therefore, it is possible to answer the 9 questions mentioned above. Therefore, it is the key to sustainable business survival and opportunity to outperform competitors in the market.

📌 What is a good business model?

1. Start building a business model from the question, “How difficult is it for your customers to turn their minds over to someone else?” Like when Steve Jobs launched the iPod, from an outsider perspective, what he did was revolutionize the entire music industry. People switched from listening to music on CD to listening on the cloud, but behind the scenes their idea was to create a business model. Because whether you buy a new iPod or iPhone a few models. All the songs are still in the cloud. You don't have to waste time loading new songs. Keep customers hooked and loyal to Apple forever. A good business model is always like that.

2. Try to find a point that makes a consistent income like Nespresso makes capsule coffee machines. which must use coffee capsules from this brand only The income does not end with the sale of coffee machines. But people still have to buy coffee capsules all the time.

3. No business model is perfect. Every good business model must always be developed.

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