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Things you need to know before opening a noodle shop so that you won't go bankrupt ❗

Things you need to know before opening a noodle shop so that you won't go bankrupt ❗

Things you need to know before opening a noodle shop so that you won't go bankrupt ❗

The main dish of Thai people, after rice, would probably be “noodles”. The highlight of the noodles is that they are freshly cooked, can be drenched in water, can be eaten with ease, and are full of nutrients and have many menus to choose from. Plus, the price is acceptable at a minimum of 30-35, some shops may reach 45-50 baht, depending on the style of the shop and the raw materials that each shop uses. No wonder anyone I want to open a noodle shop because I believe that I can sell it anyway.

Noodle shop is another restaurant that has a very competitive rate. Of course, when a lot of people come to compete, there will be both winners and losers out of the industry. If you are the one who is interested in opening a noodle shop seriously and wants to be a winner in the industry. Today we have a strategy to open a noodle shop so that it doesn't go bankrupt.

👉🏻 Initial cost of opening a noodle shop

If you want to have a noodle shop, you must have an initial capital of 30,000 – 40,000 baht. Noodle pot and various equipment (approximately 3,000), cart with raw material cabinet (approximately 7,000), table + chairs 10 sets (10,000), plates, bowls and spoons (3,000) gas bill + water bill + electricity bill + labor cost + raw material cost (Total about 20,000 per month)

This introductory capital also varies with the rent of the premises and the investment environment that varies from person to person. Some people may use their own home to open a shop and have some basic equipment. or using family labor It will help to save the initial cost considerably.

The advantage of opening a noodle shop is having With the daily “current cash flow”, in-store reserves do not require much preparation compared to other types of businesses. Initially, working capital around 1,500 - 2,000 should be enough initially, but if it's good, there are about 5,000 - 10,000 will be more reassuring.

👉🏻 Selling noodles at what price? To be profitable??

To calculate the cost to find the selling price, use the following formula: Profit = Revenue – Cost (Fixed Cost + Variable Cost).

for example

- If the noodle shop have to pay rent

- Pay rent at 10,000 baht per month, pay children's wages in a noodle shop To help service in the shop, help wash dishes, 9,000 baht per month

- Therefore, a noodle shop will have a fixed cost of 19,000 baht.

variable cost Suppose the owner of a noodle shop goes to the market. Buying noodles, meatballs, vegetables, totaling 1,200 baht, can produce 100 bowls of noodles, so 1200/100 = 12 means variable cost equals 12 baht per bowl.

If a noodle shop sells 100 bowls of noodles per day, the price is 30 baht per bowl, in a month it can sell about 3,000 bowls, earning 90,000 baht from the formula Profit = Income - Costs (fixed costs + variable costs).

Roughly calculated as follows: = 90,000 – (19,000 + (12 x 3,000)

= 90,000 – (19,000 + 36,000)

= 35,000 per month

Look at the approximate numbers It is considered to be quite rich, but it's late. This formula is based on selling 100 bowls per day, which means that we may not sell less than 100 bowls every day, or on average, we may sell less than 3,000 bowls per month.

👉🏻Is it a good idea to open a shop by yourself or buy a franchise?

Today's noodle shops can be divided into two main types, namely those that the owner has a great recipe and opens himself. and the store that has bought a franchise to open, with both types of stores having different advantages and disadvantages as follows:

1. a shop that the owner opened by himself

Most of the shops of this type have their own secret recipes. The advantage is that there is no need to pay for a franchise purchase. But the downside is that you have to learn everything by yourself from scratch.

2. A noodle shop that is a franchise

This type of shop, you may not have a delicious recipe, you can open a noodle shop. Buying a franchise, you will get both formulas. both management methods and starter equipment But the disadvantage is that the exchange price is quite expensive. And if you choose a bad franchise, you may have to be tired for free but get nothing in return.

However, choosing to open any kind of store is up to you. If you are confident in your own great recipe, you can open it yourself. But if you don't want to start from scratch, you buy a franchise to manage.

👉🏻 9 Success Techniques How to open a noodle shop without ruining it

1. Thinking about selling noodles, you have to learn how to manage it.

If you want to open a noodle shop but don't learn how to manage it Chances of going bankrupt are very high. The first thing to keep in mind is the cooking time. Because don't forget that noodles are a menu that takes a short time to cook. If you can't manage your time, you definitely won't be able to get your orders in time. You also need to manage costs, expenses, in-store system management. The division of responsibilities to ensure smooth and non-duplicating work So your noodle shop will survive.

2. Costs, poor management will be a premium.

All kinds of restaurants, if they are going to survive, you have to manage their costs so they don't escalate. The noodle shop is the same. The cost of making a noodle shop is as follows.

- Rent: If you don't have your own place This is what you will lose first. You must choose the location that is most closely related to the rent. Remember, don't be so selfish about the cheap rent that you're going to grab a bad location and set up a shop, because the end won't be pretty.

- Equipment cost: if you are thinking of opening a shop This cost will be high in the beginning because it is the heart of your store. Whether it's counters, boilers, tables, bowls, chopsticks, etc., manage this expense to the best value so that the cost will not bloom.

- Daily cost of raw materials: In addition to the cost of fresh produce One thing that noodle shops will lose more than other types of restaurants is cooking fuel cost Because noodles are such a dish that your broth is almost always hot. Because otherwise, the things you put down to boil it will not be cooked. Don't let it happen in the least. Very easy to lose Because you may not have a chance to make excuses.

- Employee Wages: Sometimes you can't do everything alone. You need a staff member to help. Hiring employees, you should hire them to fit the job and not be redundant. Otherwise, your budget will blossom.

3. Location must be able, don't choose a location because the rent is cheap.

There are many businesses that choose to limit rent as the first thing to do when looking for a location. It's true that the high rent doesn't guarantee a good location. Therefore, before deciding on a location, you should go down and explore the area first. And don't go just one time or just one time. will choose a location even if you are sure that you have a good location, for example Live in a community or have dorms and companies around, don't trust them. On which side of the road is that location? It is the inbound or outbound side because it affects the traffic of people.

4. What kind of noodles to sell? It's not important.

To sell noodles, not only if you set up a shop, you can sell it. If the noodle you choose has more than one competitor in the location. Because there are many kinds of noodles, such as meatball noodles. Chicken Noodles Duck noodles, red pork noodles, etc. Explore the surrounding area to see what kinds of noodles are available. then nothing Choosing to sell what is lacking is an important strategy that will help you survive.

5. The charm of the tip of the jaws The important lady of the noodle shop

It is important to open a noodle shop "Ros Mue". especially “Making Soup” is considered the protagonist of a noodle shop. If you already have a lucky formula, it's your luck. But if not, you have to develop a unique recipe for the shop. The delicious broth will enhance your restaurant's reputation. And most importantly, you must have noon, no matter what day it is, it must be stable and delicious as before. Don't let your broth be a spooky broth. Because customers probably don't like having to come and win.

6. Target audience Noodle shop direction indicator

In the past, noodles tended to be priced in a range where no matter where you found them, they were the same price. Not much difference, but nowadays, noodle shops have started to divide the levels according to the target group they want to capture. Now we see premium noodles at high prices to serve the upper market. For you, too, you need to decide which group you want to sell to, but keep in mind the location of the store.

7. If you want to sell well, you must have a magnetic menu, a menu of the restaurant's “finale” level.

The magnet or the finale doesn't have to be the most expensive menu at the restaurant. But it's the menu that makes your restaurant memorable and always mentioned when someone mentions you. Many restaurants use this strategy to differentiate themselves and create a selling point. Try to find out what's different in your noodle recipe and it can be a selling point. Then promote it up as a magnet to attract customers.

8. Increase income smoothly with add-on menus

It's not like eating in a noodle shop you can only sell noodles. There are many noodle shops that choose to sell add-on menus. which is usually an appetizer or herbal drink You don't have to imitate others. Try to find a personalized addition to your menu as it will become one of your favorite selling points.

9. Everything that has been said may end badly without it. “The Heart of Service”

The biggest problem that shocks every restaurant is the service. If you're thinking of opening a noodle shop, you have to be ready to serve with your heart. No matter how tired you are during that time


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