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What is E-Commerce ❓ How to use marketing strategies to promote products to sell?

What is E-Commerce ❓ How to use marketing strategies to promote products to sell?

What is E-Commerce ❓ How to use marketing strategies to promote products to sell?

It is undeniable that at present The online world has a huge impact on our lives. Doing business must adapt to consumer behavior. Therefore, there are more and more merchants entering the world of E-Commerce. It is therefore important to study and learn about online business and marketing strategies for promoting products via the Internet. To be able to sell products and beat many competitors.

👉🏻 What is E-Commerce?

E-Commerce stands for Electronic Commerce, which can be translated into Thai. electronic commerce is doing business by buying and selling products or advertising through electronic media, popularly being radio, television, and the most used today is the internet. You can use text, audio, images and video clips in your business. E-commerce business can reach a wide range of customers and reduce costs. in operation very well

👉🏻 Types of E-Commerce

- Business with retail buyers or B2C (B-to-C = Business to Consumer)

is a retail buyer buying goods from a seller via the Internet, such as selling clothes, shoes, cosmetics, etc.

- Business to Business or B2B (B-to-B = Business to Business)

is that the two operators are dealing with each other The sale here is wholesale. which make purchases via the Internet

- Business to Government or B-to-G (B-to-G = Business to Government)

It is a business between the private sector and the public sector, such as the government's employment announcements via the government's website to reduce costs.

- Government to government or G-to-G (G-to-G = Government to Government)

is the communication between government agencies It is an exchange of information between the ministries.

- Consumer to Consumer or C-to-C (C-to-C = Consumer to Consumer)

is the communication between consumers themselves, that is, consumers who do not sell their own business and another consumer is interested in ordering Most of these sales announcements are made via the internet because there is a convenient area to contact and trade. Including easy to find people with the same interests as well.

- Government to the people or G-to-C (G-to-C = Government to Consumer)

is the provision of services from the government via electronic media Especially the Internet, such as calculating and paying taxes via the Internet. Downloading various registration forms via website

👉🏻Why should you do E-Commerce?

Nowadays, people have access to various electronic media. in the online world quickly and easily And using the Internet can be considered a main activity in the daily life of most people. Whether it's playing social media, searching for information, checking e-mails, watching television or listening to music online, etc., many businesses have turned to E-Commerce to reach such customers. Moreover, E-Commerce business has many advantages and benefits which can be summarized as follows.

- No storefront required

Able to show product samples as photos or video clips on websites or social media.

- No salesperson needed

can display various information with a system that can be traded automatically or contact the shop via the Internet Make it open for sale and support customers 24 hours a day.

- Increase sales opportunities

The store has the opportunity to reach everyone who has internet access. Therefore, there are customers from both the country and the world. Eliminate travel problems

- Helps reduce management costs

Therefore, the money can be invested in other areas, such as expanding the business. Advertising, public relations, etc.

- Marketing accurately and measurable results

The website can be used to sell products and social media to collect information about customers and visitors. and used in online marketing to meet the goals It also has a system that can check the performance unlike advertising in offline media such as TV, newspapers, etc.

👉🏻What should a good E-Commerce website be?

The website is an intermediary between the merchant and the customer. To sell products or not, part of it comes from the website. There are also a large number of businesses selling products online. In particular, business-to-retail (B-to-C) e-commerce is highly competitive. Making a website with a management system that is good for business owners and customer-friendly. will help reduce the burden of entrepreneurs and close the sale more easily The details of a good E-Commerce website can be summarized as follows:

- The website page must be organized. Besides the beauty The website must be easy to use. The products are categorized in a systematic and uncomplicated manner.

- Website systems or back-end systems must be easy to manage and control. to facilitate the seller

- Have complete and clear product details, including pictures, descriptions, prices. You can also add a section of customer reviews to help you make a purchase decision.

- The status of the product must be displayed in Real Time, that is, if the product is out of stock or has a small amount left. must show to customers to make it easier to make a purchase decision.

- There is an easy, hassle-free ordering process, clearly stated what needs to be done.

- Facilitate ordering with a shopping cart system that can remember the information and the number of products of the customer.

- Able to summarize orders for customers such as total product price, shipping cost, etc.

- Payments must be secure. And there should be channels for customers to pay through multiple channels, such as credit cards, bank transfers, etc.

- There is a delivery tracking system. to increase the confidence of customers

- The website must support SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which will help users find the website and increase website visitors. This will make it possible to sell more products.

👉 Summary

It can be seen that doing business E-Commerce has many benefits, with the important thing being a website selling products that can facilitate both business owners and customers. Many people may be wondering if they can use free social media like Facebook or Instagram to sell products instead of websites. Some businesses or people who do not have funds are not ready. Can start from using social media as well. But due to using social media services There are limitations in many ways. Having your own website is definitely better. especially in the storage of various data


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