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10 new cell techniques that others never tell you✨

10 new cell techniques that others never tell you✨

A career in sales, commonly known as sales, is a job that is in demand at the top of the labor market all the time. because it is important to almost every organization Because it is people who earn money into the organization itself. Because even though the company's products are of high quality But if there is no interesting presentation of the product Or not having someone to explain the strengths or benefits of the product may affect the decision of the customer to buy the product.

However, the job of a salesperson Even if it's a job that no matter what kind of school you've graduated from, you can do it if you have a passion for it. And like communication, but there are actually many skills that a salesperson should have. To be a successful salesperson

1. Dress and style your hair as professional as possible.

Dressing up with a good-looking hairstyle will earn you a “positive” rating with your clients and bosses. including your colleagues Dressing well doesn't mean you have to wear a tailor-made suit like in a business movie. Because it will make you spend too much budget on dressing. (Your salary is not much, haha) and sometimes even dress. "Across the eyes," your boss. The simplest and most budget-friendly dress is to buy only a white shirt. black slacks black leather shoes with a polite tie That's it, you can become a professional looking salesperson with the “White Collar” style that has been recognized all over the world.

As for hairstyles, for men, they should focus on setting short hair in a modern fashion. In this era, maybe a “Vintage” haircut with a simple gel cut can make you look good and look dignified beyond your age. As a result, the reliability has increased accordingly. Avoid long hair The ladies dressed and cut their hair in a fashionable fashion.

2. Learn the job quickly from the company's “topsell”.

This is one of the easiest and most feasible methods. when starting a new job in the company Do a search and check which seniors are the most skilled and respected cells in the company. both in terms of sales and personality Go in and introduce a humble and respectful example for them to be your mentor at work. You'll learn from the pros who sell your company's products, from their good personality, asking questions, making presentations, following up on assignments, to closing deals. each time Write down how they all work. If in doubt, ask them thoroughly. Then use it to develop yourself all the time.

3. Taste “rejection” as quickly and as possible.

Even if you are the best inventor of mobile phones like the iPhone that the world has recognized. But you can't get everyone to buy it anyway. Customers always have other options. The global scale can also be rejected. Then why would you care about this?

The basic way of training is rejected. The “call to make an appointment” that a newbie like you is likely to be rejected for sure. Keep those feelings in mind and let them go. Then sit back and reflect on yourself regularly about why you were rejected. inaudible tone Call the wrong customer, etc. to bring it to fix and improve. Here are some examples of rejection that can make you better through training yourself.

Another rejection from a customer is a presentation and you are the loser. Whatever the reason If the customer doesn't buy, you're rejected. Take the defeat and analyze it thoroughly, for example, losing because of an offer that is not as good as the competition. according to irregular work little credibility There is no chance to meet decision-makers, etc. Every time you lose, “blame yourself” and analyze what you have done first. don't blame others especially competitors

4. Learn about products and services with a focus on "Benefits that customers get"

Being a salesperson, you also need to have knowledge and expertise about the products and services of your own company. Bring all the information in the company to study both during work hours and outside work hours. Including studying the actual work with current customers who are happy with the products in your company thoroughly But there is another part where you need to do more homework. That's the benefit your customers get if you use your products and services. For example, you sell a high-tech enterprise CCTV system. You should focus first on presenting benefits to your customers, such as increased security. This is what customers want to hear the most and will make your presentation even more valuable to their customers.

5. You should think carefully about “buying a car” for use in work.

Starting as a new employee It is possible that the salary and compensation Yours is not very tall. Considering buying a car because of "pressure" from companies, for example, your boss recommends buying a car to make your work more comfortable. But buying a car is a huge “burden” that will make your life difficult.

Even if you buy an eco-car, it is unlikely that you will have enough money to sustain life. The method I recommend is Choosing accommodation that is close to the business district or where your customers are located. Plan your trip with efficient use of buses, trains and vans every time. Try to spend as little time with each customer as possible and as efficiently as possible. Focus on making appointments with customers who are in the same area to save time.

6. Try to find new customers that have not yet been sold by any salesperson.

you are a freshman Most likely, you will be taken care of. “Bad customers” if you are named “Account Manager” because “good customers” who make consistent money will fall into the hands of Topsell. Topsell takes good care of its customers. Maybe it was because he was trying to sell to bad customers in the past. Until there was a continuous trading and became a good customer. Let me tell you that this is the best seller. You came later so it was imperative to prove yourself in this regard.

Most importantly, finding new customers yourself will make your boss and company owner very happy. You will instantly become a star. It's wrong with some porcelain salespeople who only get their numbers from their customers to make money. but never find new customers This group of people in the long run will lose you because you are the ones who create demand for customers.

7. Create an account on and use it to get as many customers as possible.

Linkin is a social media for workers that I often talk about. It's a huge resource for creating your new job opportunities, and it also has a dedicated “client list” of decision-makers for a wide variety of companies, both popular and not-so. You need to create your account like on Facebook now. Update information to look as professional as possible. use english only Then learn how to use it completely and use it to find out. You can also add a friend to make an appointment or text them to make an appointment. You are a new generation so you need to be fluent in these convenient technologies. Because older cells are rarely used. That's it, you have a huge advantage over them.

8. Understand that selling is a process.

Attitudes for cell careers in many people's heads People tend to think of this profession as being brag, flirtatious, talkative, goofy, entertainer, etc. Professional salespeople and great businessmen know that selling is a process. Starting from finding a list of potential customers to buy you Contacting scheduling, asking questions, making presentations, following up to closing sales and taking care of after-sales customers. These matters need to be measured at what stage each customer is in.

An important tool for measuring performance and recording customer status at each stage is "Sales Report" (Sales Report), which is very important. It's not boring at all. The benefit to yourself is that you will never forget where each customer's sales status is. How do you plan to follow up with your next job? It lets you know what you have to do each day to make sales progress. This is a sales attitude that you must have in your head. This is a benchmark between professional salespeople and average salespeople. go clearly Doing these things will make you smell great. If you want to work with a global multinational company These things are what they want more than "mouth".

9. Read hundreds of millions of cell articles every day.

Reading a good article or reading a good sales book every day can fill your brain with good food and make your life easier. reading is like "Tear notches of the brain" of an experienced writer who has taken it as an article. Please consider and apply it to your own work every time.

10. Set big goals every time.

Salesperson is the career that plays the most role in each organization's business. It is like the artery of the organization that has it all. You are the person closest to the company's "benefits". That is money. dream big I set a goal that I decided to do this job because I "want to be rich", do not be embarrassed by anyone. Announce and write a goal that you want to earn a hundred thousand per year, how many millions, you can write

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