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5 basic principles for success ✨

5 basic principles for success ✨

5 basic principles for success ✨

In order to be successful in a matter, we tend to set goals that we want and then work towards achieving them. Sometimes it doesn't work as intended. For example, at the beginning of the year we set goals that We will collect 100,000 baht by the end of the year, but the time that has passed until the end of the year has not reached the goal we set. Let's take a look at what's important and lead to success.

The five fundamental principles of success come from Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP), which studies how successful people are born ordinary. or people with negative cost of living Then he can build himself to be successful. How can he do it? He found that all successful people have 5 basic principles of success. Let's see what's there. And try to think accordingly how we will use it.

1. Know your outcome

It's clear what we want. How important is this goal to us? If this goal is achieved How will our life be better? and how it affects other people (family, friends, society) and what values ​​are answered in our lives such as pride, confidence, family, security, etc. If this goal is not achieved time goes by What will we lose? If this goal is important enough to us We will have enough energy to be determined to work hard towards this goal. And check to see if this goal is possible. and negative impacts on the environment around us? For example, the goal is to work abroad. We won't be with family. Does your family agree or not? went to see work abroad instead, etc.

2. Take action regularly.

The thing that turns dreams into goals is action. and help our dreams come true Consistent action is one of the keys to success. If we do it and don't do it, it will be difficult to achieve it. We can practice the habit of doing it consistently. By alleying the goals out into activities that are easy to do. In order for us to achieve small wins (small win), let us be proud and disciplined to continue doing big things, such as exercising for 5 minutes a day and then doing it continuously. We will begin to be encouraged and proud. Feel good about yourself and gradually increase the duration. or to increase the discipline of doing other things

3. Observe with our senses (Have sensory acuity).

When we do it for a while Let us keep an eye on the way too. to see abnormalities that prevent them from reaching their goals We will be aware and change immediately.

Example 1: The goal is to have a better relationship with the husband/wife. I began to notice that the latter started to have disagreements. argue often Different people are in a different mood.

Example 2: The goal is to have an additional 100,000 baht in savings. We notice that we are very focused on saving, but there is a reason for the money to go out. Still can't collect the money as the target.

Example 3 The goal is to get in better shape, lose 10 kg, exercise until the weight starts to drop. but started having knee pain

4. Flexible Change behavior (Have behavioral flexibility)

When we see anomalies We change behavior so that we can achieve the goals we want For example, continue from point 3.

Example 1: For a Better Relationship with Husband/Wife behavior was adjusted by When there are disagreements He was open to listening to opinions. Don't talk with emotion and train your mind to be aware of your emotions to calm yourself down.

Example 2 To know why the money goes out It adjusts behavior by taking notes of income and expenses to analyze the cause. and corrected the point, for example, found that the expenses came from eating out reduce the frequency of eating out, etc.

Example 3: Exercise until the target weight is reduced, but knee pain, change the exercise behavior to a non-joking type, such as swimming or dieting. Reduce fatty foods, etc.

5. Operate from psychology and physiology of excellence.

Act with a consistent body and mind, feel good, have a positive attitude towards what we do. If we feel bad about what we do, we need to find the cause and fix it, or make ourselves feel good first. Then do things like exercise to freshen up first. Then go and take action to get closer and achieve your goals.

When we complete all 5 and focus enough. We will achieve the goals we want. Try to apply these 5 items to your desired goals.


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