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5 techniques to improve speaking skills and negotiate better✨

5 techniques to improve speaking skills and negotiate better✨

This article can be used in everyday life for everyone. Talking skills are considered to create a first impression (First Impression) to build respect. The key is to please others and be willing to help you, even selling. It's the good talking skills that make a person even the leader of a country.

Let's see how to talk from the experience of great salespeople who have dealt with many customers, most of whom are people who have never met before. But is it any wonder why sometimes customers trust them until they finally make a purchase? What you're reading right now is a great life skill.

Here are 5 easy tips to help you become a professional conversationalist. Has the ability to break through the walls of the listener. In order to easily build a new good relationship.

1. Practice greeting strangers at restaurants or in your familiar neighborhood.

It's a simple practice. and have the opportunity to do it in daily life When you go out to eat and buy things at a familiar shop. The owner or waitress probably remembers your face often. When ordering or paying, practice greeting them with a smile. Ask good-tasting questions, such as whether it's selling well today, for example, or look at the example of Starbucks. Salespeople will always like to ask your name in order to remember your name. Or say hi and talk to you some manners. Maybe even offer to sell more bakeries after you get a feel for it. Here's a simple example. where they greet and recognize you When it's time to sell more products You have an easier chance of agreeing to their offer.

2. Control your speaking speed.

in some situations We may be in a hurry to speak or we may have to stumble if the speech is shortened. This tends to happen in certain situations or when emotions are involved! In addition, when many people try to shorten the words, The tone of the voice may have inadvertently deviated from its normal form as well. This may cause the listener to feel bored. and it's like "turning off the engine" without the speaker being aware of it.

A good conversationalist should change the speed level. The speed can be adjusted - slow to attract the listener's attention. In the next opportunity to chat with friends, try to speak more slowly while talking about important things. or inserting spaces between speech so that the other party has the opportunity to respond

3. Invest in yourself by attending a leading personality institution

Learning with leading personality institutions It's a very good investment for yourself. These companies have good courses. with the data arranged in sequence From basic adjustments to advanced science The key is to be able to “measure” your speaking skills in numbers. Let them know your weaknesses and strengths well. There are also experienced teachers or coaches who can teach you and give you tailored advice. Similarly, if you want to be slim and shapely, you invest in a fitness coach to teach you one-on-one more quickly. Do not practice the needle by yourself.

4. Focus on what's in front of you.

If you clear your mind without any disturbance Stay focused on the conversation and the situation in front of you! because although we are not distracted by external stimuli But many still manage to be distracted and distracted from the conversation.

We may feel guilty for focusing on the type of shirt that the interlocutor wears. or simply inserting the other person's speech with "um," "such as" stop these distracting things. Then turn your attention to what the speaker has to say. Show the other person that you are a professional conversationalist.

5. Join your favorite club or club activities.

In the social era, people can meet and talk online and drive them to the "offline" world as well, starting from different pages. There are both open and closed groups about everything in everyday life. where you can follow and become a member of online clubs such as dog lovers club, car club you drive. health and fitness club Clubs for sales and marketing businesses, etc.

Because the club's main activity is to arrange meetings to meet and talk. or have teaching related to that expertise So you have the privilege of meeting people with similar opinions or tastes, and the opportunity to speak in front of others without much tension. Social events like this can be creative and will help you improve your speaking skills.

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