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📣8 popular foreign export products that make big money

📣 8 popular foreign export products that make big money

Sending their own products far abroad It is the ambition of every business owner. In addition to the huge amount of money to be received It is also the reputation of both oneself and the country as well.

1.) Thai food

Export value of Thai food It can be said that it is among the top, with an export value of 220,190 million baht, thanks to the distinctive taste and characteristics that are unique to Thai food. until very popular with foreign gourmets by Thai food that is exported There are both ready-made and semi-finished products that are easy to eat or continue to cook.

2.) Thai jasmine rice

Thailand is already an agricultural country. and consume rice as a staple food Jasmine rice is therefore the best export product. At present, foreigners are increasingly popular to consume jasmine rice. And Thailand is famous for being the top exporter of jasmine rice. Therefore, this is another product that brings huge sums of money into the country.

4.) Jewelry

Thai jewelry is considered an export product that is in high demand in the world market. This is because Thailand is the birthplace of many gems such as gemstones, rubies, pearls and silverware. In addition, with the skill of designing by skilled craftsmen, it makes Thai jewelry stand out in form and beauty.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this type of product is popular and has a large number of orders. Between January and August 2015, the export value was 239,319.52 million baht.

5.) Leather shoes, leather goods and travel accessories

The next popular products are leather shoes, leather goods and travel accessories. Because Thailand has sufficient raw materials and production capacity. It also has standards and is more international. as well as having high skill and skill making leather shoes Leather goods and travel accessories from Thailand have attracted a large number of foreigners and are increasing day by day. The export value in January-August 2015 amounted to 1,216 million US dollars.

6.) Thai silk

Thai silk is considered a unique identity of Thailand that is truly valuable. Thai silk also allows the wearer to wear comfortably and can apply Thai silk to all occasions as well.

Moreover, Thai silk can be preserved for a long time. not out of trend Thai silk is therefore very popular abroad. with an annual export value of more than 5,000 million baht

7.) Coconut

It is unbelievable that coconuts that are processed into Thai perfumed coconuts have a shocking number of orders each year. It must be assumed that the exporter has an idea to add value to the coconut and see the health benefits of coconut. This makes coconut a popular export product in many countries around the world. with an export value of billions of baht per year

8.) Beautiful fish

Many of you may have heard of the beautiful fish business. In addition to Thai people, we are popular with beautiful fish. It is also widely popular all over the world as well. Therefore, there is a push by the Ministry of Agriculture. Let Thailand become a world-class quality ornamental fish production and trading center.

Thailand is famous and recognized in many countries as the world's top ornamental fish producer, with an increase in export value of ornamental fish not less than 5% per year.

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