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📣Covid19-toxic What do you do when you're unemployed? 10 careers that change lives Generate income

📣Covid19-toxic What do you do when you're unemployed? 10 careers that change lives Generate income for the unemployed

📣Covid19-toxic What do you do when you're unemployed? 10 careers that change lives Generate income for the unemployed

during the past year The spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has had a huge impact. The thing that is most affected is the economy. no tourists The airline was stopped The hotel was closed. Employees of the company are losing their jobs all over the country. make no income This article will therefore answer the question that If you are unemployed, what should you do to earn money? Even with a small capital, they can start a business. in this economic situation Money is a very important matter. In addition to saving costs and does not create an additional burden In the meantime, you should find any job to do before the income comes in. to reduce the burden of life For those who can't figure out what to do without a job, we have 10 low-investment careers that make good income for you.

✨ 10 careers to make money during unemployment

1.Rider may not be a long-term business, but it is guaranteed that it is a career that will definitely earn good money by applying to be a Rider (Rider) with various delivery platforms as convenient as LINE MAN, etc., or will it be Similar services such as passenger transfers, document delivery, etc.

2. Selling pre-order products from abroad. Pre-order business is another interesting career. Small investment, good profit, can promote products through online channels. but must be managed well Anyone who is familiar with Chinese e-commerce sites like Alibaba or Taobao probably knows that the products sold on these sites are very cheap. or even products from Japan that are cheap and work well which can be ordered easily But it may take 15 - 20 days to transport, or it may be up to 3 months. The seller can start a pre-order business or allow customers to pay and reserve the product first. After that, order products equal to the number of customers that have parked it. which traders can speculate from Increase the price of the product, sure enough.

3. Freelance work online Self-employment is another idea that is currently recommended. Especially those who have skills such as Article writing, graphics, photography or have knowledge of IT because nowadays freelance jobs in these areas are constantly coming in. And if you are more diligent to get the job The more money you will get, the more you will get. It also has independence. Able to work in their own way no one to control is a skill Existing aptitude to generate income Freelance work done through online channels It has the advantage that it can reduce the cost of travel expenses and can manage time management on their own.

4.Dropship, selling products without having to stock up. Selling online with this method It can be said that there is almost no investment. Dropship selling is a way of retailing such products that the store does not have to have its own stock. The method is simple Just bring the picture and details of the product at the store or the source of origin that you can order and sell it and post it on the e-commerce website or shop page. when customers come to order The seller then receives the money for the product and then goes to order with the shop or the source of production again. and the origin store will deliver the goods to the customer. The income of the seller will come from the difference of the price of the product, for example, the source sells the product to you for 300 baht each, and the seller sells it to the customer for 350 baht, and it will make a profit of 50 baht. It can be said that it is a method that almost does not require any investment. but must be diligent in accelerating sales to get more profit

5. Franchisees want to have their own business but don't know how to start. Try to find information about franchises, you will find that there are currently a variety of franchise brands to choose from, the price can be chosen as appropriate, ranging from thousands onwards. Up to tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, try to choose what kind of products we like. Deciding on a franchise is like a shortcut for us to do business easier. But the important thing is that the sale must have a suitable location. Including being a merchant, you have to give your dedication, focus on doing it. Every franchise brand has set up a system for people who really work. The unsuccessful one is not the franchisee's fault, but the unsuccessful investor is also difficult to achieve.

6. Cook food or drink for sale. For anyone who is skilled in cooking, snacks or drinks. Try to choose a simple menu. No complicated preparation steps are required. or the right menu You don't have to invest a lot of equipment. It doesn't take much time to do Raw materials are easy to buy Maybe make a breakfast set for sale in the village Sell ​​food online with delivery service within the neighborhood. Foods that can be stored for a long time, and are easily transported, may be delivered nationwide or can be prepared to cook in a box together.

7.Selling the market in an offline market that relies on location as the main factor in generating sales. There are a variety of formats, whether office market Flea market open only on holidays or evening to dusk The rental fee depends on the location. There are various types of products for sale, both food and consumer goods. Anyone interested in selling at the flea market requires quite a bit of patience In the beginning, it is advisable to choose a market that can rent space for sale on a daily basis.

8. Deliver food delivery The food delivery market is growing in popularity in Thailand. whether ordering food consumer goods or even a convenience store This is a great opportunity for unemployed people looking for income. You can choose your own working hours. There are many applications to choose from. Each one has different strengths. Let's see which one meets our needs.

9. Work from home Hiring jobs are jobs that require little or no investment. But have to invest a lot of energy, have to travel, a career that requires love be honest and rely on patience There are many categories of work to choose from, such as carpentry work, garden work, cleaning work, laundry work. or through the company

10. Open online courses For those who have special knowledge and expertise and would like to pass on that knowledge to others Online courses are an interesting alternative, such as baking courses, teaching languages, teaching marketing, etc. There are many platforms that provide a way to create online courses, such as Facebook Groups, online E-learning websites, or creating websites. own This method not only generates income during unemployment only. but can also generate passive income as well

The 10 occupations mentioned above are just recommendations. There are also many businesses and occupations that do not require much investment. But it's a good income. especially various tasks made through online channels Finally, I would like to leave the epidemic with us for a long time. have to hurry and find a solution as quickly as possible Let's see if there are things that can be done and can make money during this period. Choose what is right for you. suit yourself I can get through it.


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