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Hot Coffee Franchise 2564 Which brand of fresh coffee franchise is good ❓ Worth investing in

Hot Coffee Franchise 2564 Which brand of fresh coffee franchise is good ❓ Worth investing in

Hot Coffee Franchise 2564 Which brand of fresh coffee franchise is good ❓ Worth investing in

no matter how many years have passed The trend of opening a coffee shop is still in the business field continuously. which comes with new beverage trends There is always something surprising every year. "Coffee" can be considered a popular beverage. Opening a coffee shop requires planning and preparation. For newbies with no business experience Fresh coffee franchise is an ideal investment choice. No matter how little or how much budget you can open a coffee shop. by today's article Coffee shop franchises have been gathered for people who are looking for or wanting to invest. Let's take a look at what brands are available. And how much investment budget is required?

🔹 Why the coffee franchise business is worth investing in?

If asked if you want to have your own business? Many people would answer with the same voice that they wanted to. Among the businesses that everyone is looking for Of course, the coffee shop business is one of the answers. Or it can almost be called a dream business and a popular business that is the first option that is interesting to start investing. with ten thousand It can be said that coffee is one of the most popular beverages that are not limited to the type of customers. Regardless of gender or occupation

from the data from the Kasikorn Research Center The market share of coffee shop franchises in 2017 accounted for 6% of coffee shops nationwide. which forms a franchise type coffee shop It is likely that there will be expansion in the next phase. This can be seen from the market leader's branch expansion plans. There are still business opportunities. However, business must have profit and loss involved. Do it and make a profit Must consider long-term returns

🔹 Preliminary investment budget for fresh coffee franchise

The size of the business ranges from a counter coffee shop to a large store. Let's see which coffee shop franchises meet the needs. Investment budget ranging from tens of thousands to millions depending on the area of ​​the store. Each brand targets different customer groups. First of all, we need to know that the location that we will sell is suitable for what kind of target customers. Does our store meet the needs of that customer group or not? In addition to the expenses that the franchisee estimates roughly, it is necessary to see what other expenses there are in order to make a coffee shop business plan clearer. Can be divided into 3 parts:

1. Cash flow for spending within the store

- Raw materials and packaging. Estimate how many glasses will be sold per day or per week. Some ingredients cannot be stored for a long time. You have to estimate how much you will use.

- Venue rental fees such as monthly rent How many months of rent do you pay in advance? Deposit or security deposit under the rental contract

- Employee wages Both full-time employees and part-time employees

- utility bills Let's calculate how much electricity will cost. How much is the water bill per month?

2. Reserve funds

Doing business must prepare money for emergency needs. This money should be allocated profits from business operations to keep.

3. Reserve for business expansion

If the business goes well want to expand Can use this money to invest more.

Can use this money to invest more. Try planning a budget for expenses that will occur each day. How much sales do you need to cover expenses and make a profit? For franchises, there will be a Royalty Fee and Marketing Fee. Estimate 6 months in advance to see if it can live or not. Before deciding to open a store, there must be a plan to find a solution before the problem arises.

🔹 Marketing strategy for making fresh coffee franchise to be successful

- Good location is more than half the battle. Of course, the golden location of a coffee shop is a business district, community area, shopping mall. discount store including tourist attractions government office Educational institutions, food courts and places that are crowded or frequented by people such as gas stations, gas stations, so before investing, you should study the market. Customers and competitors should avoid areas with many coffee shops that are already open unless crowded people have to wait in long queues.

- Store management In store management, the main purpose is to maximize profits. This should be considered from the purchase of coffee beans. To manage the cost of raw materials by considering the daily sales volume before stocking the right amount of products. Because when ordering coffee beans from certain suppliers, you may be forced to purchase larger quantities than necessary, so compare the conditions of each income. so as not to be a burden in this section. and to avoid having too many coffee beans in stock Because roasted coffee beans will deteriorate every day.

- Build an identity for the store in the online world Although the franchise is known and accepted by customers. Offline marketing that reaches local customers Branches should also do online marketing to increase sales as well. Use Facebook Fanpage as a channel to create activities for customers to participate in various activities. There should be news updates, new menus, promotions. continuously Or join Google My Business as another way to help businesses reach their customers more easily. Can update various details of the shop, such as product images, reviews from customers who have used the service. to promote the business Help new customers Easier to decide which service to use

- Impress customers Among the many coffee shops that are located, how will customers come back to buy again? And become a regular customer, good coffee, good atmosphere This might not be enough. Building a good relationship with customers make them feel impressed Let's see how our store can impress customers. Try to remember every little detail from your drink order. Always remember that Every time customers use the service, they must make them feel that we are grateful for choosing our coffee shop.

- Paying attention to employees no less than taking care of customers When it comes to strategies to increase sales Many entrepreneurs tend to focus primarily on their customers. But don't forget that the working atmosphere is also important. How can employees pass on happiness to customers if they are not happy with the work they do? For a coffee shop, service is of the essence, no less than quality and taste of coffee Good-humoured staff, happy customers, definitely sell well.

🔹 Which brand of fresh coffee franchise is good?

1. Brand reputation

the brand is known Including the brand owner should be known and reliable.

2. Franchise system to transfer knowledge various support

knowledge transfer training Support system for point of sale, accounting, stock, including marketing supported by the parent company

3. Income, profit per investment unit

Consider the products or services being sold that the profit per unit is enough to cover other expenses. Such as the cost of the place, the cost of water, electricity and staff, and how much profit is the profit that is suitable for what we want?

4. Investment budget payback period

How much is the initial investment? How much does it cost during business operations and when can I pay back? All of these must be considered preliminary calculations. in order to see the worthiness of the effort

5. Contract period

How many years does the franchise contract last? What are the conditions for being in business? such as purchasing raw materials What are the conditions in case of various disputes, including the conditions for renewing the contract? These must be carefully considered.

Coffee shop business has a more diverse form than in the past. Entrepreneurs can choose to invest according to their readiness and suitability. Although the franchise type coffee shop has strengths that are known to customers. The standard of the product is quite high. But to make a successful business requires other factors as well. Entrepreneurs must have determination. keep learning experience Find a solution when a problem arises. in order for the business to survive and grow.

🔹Khi Pao coffee franchise, worth investing in 2021

1. Cool Coffee

The first mobile coffee franchise in the country, 100% Arabica. There are two types of franchises: trailers attached to motorcycles. and a cart that can be pushed You can also set it up as a storefront.

Initial franchise investment: 65,000 baht

Number of branches: 6


- Do not have to pay the remaining rent, focus on profit

- Move to sell at any time

- One person can finish the job.

- The price of good quality products, but the price is only 35 baht per glass.

- Easy work, anyone can do it

- No daily costs

2. Coffee Today Coffee Today

pour your heart into your favorite glass We have always been determined and determined to be a coffee shop that offers more than a drink. We'll give you something you'll always be hooked on in a small place. but warm in our store

Initial franchise investment: 30,000 baht

Number of branches: 210

3. Wherever Cafe

Minimal style coffee shop franchise Brew with Moka Pot and Drip set. There are more than 15 drink recipes. Update new menu for free all the time. Teach you how to make it ready for sale within 1 day

Initial franchise investment: 29,900 baht

Number of branches: Ask the franchise owner.

4. Thumbs up coffee paper bag

Antique Coffee Franchise Franchise of fresh coffee, Taiwanese tea, and in-store beverages with quality and standards no trans fat Delicious taste, mellow, worth the investment.

Initial franchise investment: 18,900 baht

Number of branches: Ask the franchise owner.


- Taiwanese tea and beverages in the shop with quality and standards no trans fat mellow delicious taste And in the franchise business, it is worthwhile, worth the investment, affordable, suitable for those who are looking for a franchise business to open a quality Taiwanese milk tea shop. at an affordable investment price and get a good return

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