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How important is Modern Trade ❓ Businessmen should know

How important is Modern Trade ❓ Businessmen should know  The term MODERN TRADE has been around in the business for a long time and many people are probably familiar with it. But maybe still don't understand what it is. And how can it help your own business to be successful? Which today we will take you to get to know MODERN TRADE in depth.

How important is Modern Trade ❓ Businessmen should know

The term MODERN TRADE has been around in the business for a long time and many people are probably familiar with it. But maybe still don't understand what it is. And how can it help your own business to be successful? Which today we will take you to get to know MODERN TRADE in depth.


MODERN TRADE is selling products in the store such as Watson Boots or Eveandboy, which of course will open the market for us to reach a large number of consumers without difficulty because MODERN TRADE is a famous shop to sell products themselves. according to those shops It helps to enhance the image of your brand to look good, classy and become a famous department store brand. more accepted by customers

It can be said that there are many advantages in selling products like MODERN TRADE because it not only makes our products known in a short time. It also increases the profit from good looks. and reliable As a result, our brand is known in the eyes of the whole country as well.

🔹Get to know all 5 types of MODERN TRADE in Thailand

1. Hypermarket, a large department store

Now in Thailand, there are only 2 MODERN TRADE like this, Tesco Lotus and Big C, which will focus on the price that is cheaper than other places.

2. Supermarket

Like Tops, MaxValu, or Home Fresh Mart, most of them are located in the basement of department stores. act as a complement to the department store and there will be less variety of products than the first type

3. Convenience Store Convenience store

This one we must be familiar with, because 7-11 is in this category. In addition, in our house, we have a lot of MODERN TRADE like this, such as Lotus Express or Family Mart, which will focus on selling products that are convenient to customers. It will be a small item that can be consumed in one go. Focus on food and beverages more than other products.

4. Specialty Stores

These stores will only sell products that are specific to a specific category, such as Watson, Boots that will focus on selling cosmetics. Personal items, etc., which some people may use this channel to sell their own products. make yourself look rare And pull the price to be more expensive as well.

5. Cash and Carry, fresh market and wholesale shop

For Thailand, there is only one MODERN TRADE like this, which is Makro, because it is wholesale in several pieces, as a package, so the customers of this market are retailers. or local minimart or a restaurant that has to buy a lot of ingredients

Trading with a modern trading business This is an upgrade of B2C (Business-to-Business) sales through B2B sales to big dealers. This will help you to become richer if your goods and services are popular and profitable for them in a win-win manner. Let's take a look at the concept and method.

1. Modern Trade is a modern retail business that is always open to new products.

You don't have to fear that they may seem difficult to reach. Don't just assume that businesses like Seven, Big C, Lotus, etc. have to have officers wearing suits and ties that are arrogant and hard to reach. A home like you will have a face to offer them to buy from you. How to sell? Actually, what I want to convey is that there are a lot of simple "home" products that I have traded with these giant companies. Just make sure that your product has enough “selling points”, whether the product itself, such as food, should taste good, look good and sell easily, and provide them with a win-win level of profit. You definitely have a chance to trade with them.

2. Prepare to trade with modern trade business

If you want to reach the same level as Top. Little boss and what it is. You will have to prepare hard to make an appointment to present your products to their team. from the product It must be a new product that is easy to sell and has a pretty good profit. attractive package, etc., which sounds easy. But made out and may not like his team, it is possible. You'll need to keep working on fixing it. until it has been considered and completed They also need to improve their personality to be highly credible as a business owner. From the clothes to the hair Preparation and presentation methods Past work or awards received in product contests, etc.

3. The story "back of the house" is important.

You also need to prepare "Back of the house" such as the production process Overview of your factory past work to the transportation and financial system This ensures that you have the potential to trade with them through qualifying and long-term partnerships. This is the part that is important because SME "home" businesses often fail in this regard because they do not have any standards in production. Not following the selection process Credit cannot be released to distributors. to financial matters, etc. These will show the highest level of your professionalism until they decide to choose you as a partner.

4. When you're ready, "call to make an appointment" with them.

Once you've prepared everything. You can call them to make an appointment. Even if the competent official responsible for the selection of goods is not known. You can also ask the operator and have them transferred to the selection staff. where you can tell yourself that you are the owner of the business or the director of the company They will transfer it to you easily (don't worry, there are people like you already calling every day). The reason why it's easy to make appointments is because Modern Trade is looking for new, easy-to-sell and useful products. with their business always

5. Understand how to trade with them.

Surely your partner is a big business. Trading with them wouldn't be so easy or convenient. Since they are not a "charity" business, they have enough power to add some rules to give them a commercial advantage. Because they want to minimize business risks. This may make you feel "unfair", but you need to prepare yourself. If going through difficult times They will be the partners that can get you very far.

Their main offer is “credits”, for example, you can give them credit to get your products to sell and get more than 50% of their sales on their purchases. Something like this for how many days, or is there "marketing" such as advertising to help them sell easier? Or even a product cheerleader who is your person to help cheer your products to sell more easily, etc. If you don't have or don't understand these things at all. You will feel that trading with them is something you are at a disadvantage and that you have to accept them all the time. These matters depend on your judgment.

6. Once the opportunity to trade with them Be the utmost professional

Short and simple for this item, starting from product quality control. on-time delivery Solving problems when the product is defective Helping modern trades to market The right to give agents the sole proprietorship with them, etc. These are the use of professional sales and marketing principles to help you sell your products easier. make them work easier These things will make them happy to choose you as their partner for a long time. because everything depends on each other

Now you probably know how important MODERN TRADE is in doing business. Because no matter what our products are, MODERN TRADE can answer and support them all. It is a helper to make your business truly addicting.


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