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How to make a Proposal to beat your opponent overwhelmingly✨

How to make a Proposal to beat your opponent overwhelmingly✨

Making a Proposal to present the customer with multiple considerations from the customer's side, from the practical level to the CEO, is one of the most important steps in sales. Because it's everything you need to plan, strategize, design, make slideshows that, in addition to having creative ideas. can be proven in theory The price must also be reasonable.

It is therefore a multi-party collaboration for your team in the organization. Not just a sales team, but many businesses will need a Proposal team and be able to plan strategies well that customers can trust. So I've got a way to help you be a winner in Pitch. Proposal offers that are both tough and challenging against competitors.

1. Collect information about the problems that customers want as detailed as possible.

Proposal that won't win is a Proposal that keeps customers' problems that are not so detailed that they don't meet the customer's needs. This point is a small starting point. That if you don't collect detailed information, it's like a button that was misplaced in the first place that even death wouldn't be able to wear that shirt. It is very important to pay attention to every question in order to get detailed information from the customer both in person and through e-mail with all written records. There should also be an expert on your side to meet with customers to ask them for better details. Either write down everything at this point or record the meeting to bring to the team. You can tell your customers directly, if they don't let you record it's fine.

2. Should make an appointment to discuss with customers about a particular project.

Project work is often of high value. There are intricate details. Much depends on the project that the customer wants to do at that time. Therefore, the order of sales to customers in order to get a large project. So it starts from the first meeting where you ask questions and introduce the company until they're interested. Then ask to make a second appointment to tell the customer that they will come in to discuss the details of what the customer wants as much as possible. This step should bring a team of experts and tell the customer to carry all the teams involved in their side. for the best storage

3. You should be actively involved with the Proposal team.

Proposal doesn't mean you've accepted the problem. Then disappear, let the internal team be the only person to do it. This is something that absolutely should not be done. Granted, it may not be your direct responsibility. But you should be a coordinator between the customer and the Proposal team from time to time to follow up or update the progress directly to the customer and the team, such as solving problems along the way. There is additional information about competitors, etc. The key is during the Proposal rehearsals. You will need to stay with the Proposal team and provide feedback assuming you are a customer until you and the entire team agree that you can win. The advantage in this is that when you lose, you don't have to blame each other.

4. Have access to decision-makers.

A decision maker is often the person who holds the highest position or authority for a project. The higher the value of the work, the higher The more you position, the more shadow you have. Usually, in the beginning, you may not come across high-level clients because they will send subordinates to do the work for you first. They appear in pitching sessions for every company, including you and your competitors. During the time you're creating a Proposal, try to make an appointment with these clients through the Manager, saying they'd like to introduce themselves. Introduce business benefits It doesn't take long If you can't access this group You have the right to lose a job if your competitors have access and they like it.

5. Presentations should focus on methods to produce convincing results with real examples.

from the problems given by the customers It's time for you to play for customers to watch. Content in Proposal really is nothing more than a method (Method) that meets the customer's needs as provided. along with the proof that can make them believe it can be done. that is For example, there is a way to calculate better profit results or lower costs before and after the customer makes a purchase. There is a reliable quantitative analysis that is consistent with your products and services, etc. And the part that will fill you in that you can actually do it is the past work (Social Proof), which should be picked up a lot as well. It is the business that is closest to the customer as possible. It's a project that I've listened to and wow. Prices should be reasonable.

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