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How to say it to keep the customer's heart in check✨

How to say it to keep the customer's heart in check✨

Good speaking techniques start with understanding the customer. Finding answers to customer problems and increasing purchase incentives for customers Selling is not just talking about the pros and cons of the product and then let customers come back and think for themselves. Rather, the seller works with customers to create the most value for the customer.

1. Use words that are polite, confident, not too aggressive.

Let's talk about the use of politeness first. This story doesn't need much explanation because it is. “Social etiquette” that you have already trained But politeness here means What does “to not be too polite or humble ” mean? Are you confused? In this case, being too polite will have some examples of sayings such as “Please allow me…” “Excuse me”, “Excuse me.” Bow down, bend too much, you know that?

Not saying that by example is bad. But you don't need to be overly polite. because you will lose “Bargaining Power” and “Reliability” mean that instead of your status, you will come as a businessman or a consultant. You might just become a “underdog” in the eyes of your customers. On the surface, you are powerless and too polite. Even your boss or CEO is not so polite. It turns out that too much of anything will hurt your credibility.

aggression part Of course, it shouldn't be done anyway, such as speaking bluntly, without a voice. spit out vulgar words play nonsense jokes no time This way there is no way to sell. They also have the right to be kicked or kicked in the distance. from customers too

2. Before speaking, you should have good listening skills.

Simple principles for speaking that resonates with customers. or even flirting with girls that is to be A good listener means you have to listen to the customer and complete the sentence. Try not to interrupt or interrupt the customer. Even if you "itchy mouth" how much you want to talk to customers Always be patient and listen to customers until the end.

A professional way to help you get your point across from good listening is Before starting to ask questions or listen to customer problems Have a notebook and pen ready to help you take notes and review what your customers have to say. try not to use a computer or mobile to note Because customers may see you playing on your phone or making annoying noises from tapping on the keyboard. Using a notebook to take notes will help your customers see your intentions as well. This allows you to speak up or ask your customers better.

3. Techniques for speaking to customers with “Trance Word”

The “Trance Word” is a technique for asking questions to get the interlocutor to spit more information, but the essence of getting the interlocutor to open up to you is so that they can. How to "commit and trust" to you more? This technique is a science of asking questions that can be used to flirt with girls.

“Trance Word” for him to spit out more information. Then hit with questions that help keep what he's spitting out better. The ratio of asking them to tell with your extra talk will always be a smaller ratio than the customer: 70/30.

4. The true resonance is to speak less and focus on the flesh.

Especially when you meet new customers for the first time. The fact that you are confident in yourself that you are a person who speaks well. a good social person Can talk to all ages Maybe it's just "thinking". The only person who can answer is "customer". if the customer feels that it is not about them You're only good at speaking. Maybe in the customer's mind they may be insulting you for saying too much. can't see anything In the end, the customer's interest eventually disappeared.

In fact, you always have to say less than the customer, if possible stick to the rules. The best way to get customers to talk more than you is to “ask a good question.” These are open-ended questions where customers can tell you a situation or problem to keep you informed. To get your talks straight to the things that can fix problems or improve the lives of customers.

Let's say you've prepared 10 stories. You start by asking questions. Found 3 matches for customers, you just choose to present only those 3 that match the customer is enough. There is no need to bluntly offer 10 things because it will waste time. What you choose to focus on will save customers time. Get "meat" information from you, resulting in exactly what customers want to hear and resonate with customers the most.

5. When there is a problem, surrender yourself to the customer first and fix it immediately.

when the customer has a problem You can use good speaking skills to resolve emergency situations or problems. You need to make an appointment to face the client as quickly as possible. Absolutely do not escape When faced with a customer, the first second is “surrender yourself” that you are the reason for the mistake. You are responsible and will fix it as soon as possible. Just like this, the customer doesn't know what to insult you next. This is better than being scolded on the phone and not seeing your face. Confrontation can help ease the burden. An apology will definitely make the customer feel better.

6. Speak positively and in a timely manner.

Simply put, don't say anything negative, such as bad weather, bad economy, bad politics, accidents, death, destiny, rain, traffic jams, floods, worse competitors, etc. They're strictly forbidden to talk. If you don't know what to say, don't say it, look silly and not very smart. The important thing is that customers don't like it either. Another thing is to know the good timing of speaking. Be careful with rhythm and every action. Stop bragging, over, or anything that is not helpful.

7. Try not to speak negatively about your competitors.

The most negative remarks that salespeople make are negative comments about their competitors. Modern sales, we should not focus on competitors very much. whether it is an advantage or any disadvantage It's a good idea to let customers think about products or alternatives as little as possible.

From experience, even if we talk about the disadvantages of other people's products. Customers do not trust them anyway. and what the customer will do is 'Let's think about it first' and then go to investigate by talking to competitors whether it's true or not. This means that you are giving your competitors an opportunity.

Finally, speaking to attract customers is the personality of the seller and the ability to see customers as well. If we look at good customers I know how he likes us to talk. How many into the vocabulary of our products? Did you do a lot of homework? We can customize the sales method for each customer.

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