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📣Introverts can be successful salespeople.

📣Introverts can be successful salespeople

Many people are already familiar with the terms “Introvert” and “Extrovert” that are used to define the personality of a group of people.

“Introvert” is a person with a rather introverted personality, less talkative, likes to stay at home, likes to travel alone. You can do things alone by yourself, such as eating, watching movies, dislike parties, having few friends (only close friends), spending time with yourself, solitude, etc. If you have this personality type. You are considered an introvert.

An “extrovert” is a human being who is completely opposite of an introvert: talkative, outgoing, has many friends. (Both best friends and not best friends) are spacious. Love to socialize, party, have good human relations. easy to get along with Don't like being alone, chatting, etc. If you have a personality like this Assume that you are in the extrovert type.

At the same time, “Extrovert” is a group of people whose personality is the opposite of the introvert. be spacious love to party have good human relations easy to get along with Do not like being alone, etc., which if we look superficially We might think that the people who will succeed in a sales job are definitely extroverts, but Jobcute says no. Introverts are more likely to succeed in their careers. Let's take a look at what introverts are capable of making a successful career in this field.

1. Have a personality suitable for being a consultant

Even though introverts have a high personal world and are not good at speaking. But there are also outstanding advantages. with the following characteristics

- Talk less, but talk about important things. Don't talk about unnecessary things, so it can be said that it's very suitable for talking to executive-level customers.

- A calm, soft tone, also known as little talk hard

- Because it's a group of people who talk less. Therefore, they become good listeners, enabling them to “ask questions” consistently with customers with precision.

- Talk less than customers The customer is therefore the one who speaks more. This makes it more useful to spit out information.

- Due to the personality that doesn't seem like a brag He seemed to be an expert advisor.

For most extroverts, the following characteristics are available:

- Good at speaking, able to talk about everything from earth, sky, weather to becoming a salesperson who talks too much until it's annoying.

- Loud, overly excited, overwhelmed

- It's more of a talker. Does not listen to customer opinions or problems much

- See the personality to be a brag until it's not very respectful

2. Successful salespeople come from being a good “listener” that is fully present in the introvert.

In the professional field of sales, salespeople are always taught to say the least. but listen a lot Unlike extroverts, conversations can seem very annoying because they are in a fight to speak to. causing the conversation to be of no quality in the end

from a seller's point of view Clients need advice or someone to talk to who can listen to them. especially their business problems. If you're an introvert-style listener, then your customers will feel more comfortable sharing those issues and trusting the Introvert. You also need to be a good questioner. It's not that difficult, just ask some business-related questions first. Then listen carefully and ask the same question repeatedly about the customer's problem. Until making customers feel that they offer something that meets the customer's life.

3. One on One Confrontation Skill (1 vs 1)

The good news for introverts, of course, is that you don't have to be good at socializing, partying like that, because you don't have to. However, both B2B and B2C sales will have to come from face-to-face anyway. to be able to offer and close the sale The skills of extroverts who are good at socializing are rarely necessary.

Selling on a one-to-one basis requires discretion. have a good personality And is very reliable, so introvert sales people who focus on speaking. Ask sharp questions, have a good personality, so are more likely to “get the heart” of customers than humans. speak eloquently until it becomes a sloppiness that doesn't look good in front of customers

If you think you are an introvert, then you have the qualities to be successful in sales. As for extroverts, you should learn a lot about the advantages of introverts. Guarantee that you will definitely succeed.

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