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newbies should know open a restaurant how to start What are the steps?✨

newbies should know open a restaurant how to start What are the steps?✨

restaurant business It is a business that is popular in every era, every time, whether it is during an economic uptrend or a downtrend. But opening a restaurant is not easy. Because running a restaurant business, you need to study information and knowledge. techniques and more

Therefore, it is very important to plan well before starting. And who doesn't know where to start? What do you need to study first? Today we have a guideline for people who want to open a restaurant for you.

1. Think clearly about the concept of the store. and give the store a memorable name

The first question you need to answer before deciding to open a restaurant is what to sell and what kind of food. What menu items are featured in the restaurant? And most importantly, who are our customers? There is no fixed answer to this matter. But in general, we tend to choose to sell food that we have a talent for, are good at, or have a unique secret recipe. In addition, some people may choose to sell food based on consumer behavior surveys. and see a marketing channel that can still grow in the future Therefore, the selling point of a restaurant may be a new concept or idea. Make customers feel like trying something new that is not like other stores. The next important thing is the same. naming the shop Because the name of the store is unique and unique can attract the attention of customers. which the name may be set from the location of the shop or set according to the type of food sold However, the name should not be too long and should use words that are easy to remember and catchy.

2. Location

"Location" is the first priority that has it all. Things to consider in choosing a location are either the hustle and bustle of the people Should explore that each day in each period How many people pass by? If there are a lot of people, only in the evening or only on Saturdays and Sundays It must be carefully considered whether it is worth it or not. What type of people are the target groups in that area? Office workers, students-students, senior citizens or tourists Rental rates Is there a parking space? The number of competing restaurants, however, is no matter how good the location is. Do not forget that the location must be suitable for the type of food and the style of our restaurant.

3. Required funds

doing all kinds of business What is very necessary is capital. The source of funds for the shop may come from our own money. Family, partner, or bank financing In which the investment in a restaurant must be planned for the initial investment in the period before opening the shop, such as deposits for renting the place, decoration costs, kitchen equipment costs. cost of raw materials at the beginning Advertising costs through various channels, but still have to prepare about 10% of the reserve fund for emergencies, such as additional construction costs. Various license fees or graphics fees

It is recommended that personal loans such as credit cards or cash cards should not be used as capital for business. Because the interest rate is very high.

4. Select the raw material source.

Purchasing raw materials is something that must be calculated carefully as to which form to choose, which is to travel to buy at the source yourself Or now there is always a delivery service to the front of the shop. which seems to be more expensive But if you try to think about the cost of travel and wasted time Perhaps choosing a delivery service might be more cost-effective.

There is also the matter of proper stock of raw materials. which if able to allocate well It will save a lot of costs. But do not forget to take into account the quality of raw materials.

5. Decorate the shop to be unique.

The decoration of the shop is unique. It is another part that will help attract customers. In addition to delicious food or good service. And the decoration of the shop can also impress customers as well. The decoration of the restaurant nowadays is popular with unique style. Some restaurants are general restaurants. The menu may not stand out much. But the decoration of the shop looks unique and unique. It is like a selling point that attracts customers to be interested. Once the decoration is beautiful and unique, then the food is what speaks for your identity.

6. Understand cost management

Even though our restaurant is selling well, how well? but if unable to control costs It may result in the store having to stop easily. The cost is divided into 2 main parts:

• Fixed costs such as decoration costs. buy equipment Venue rental deposit Various license fees

• Variable costs such as purchasing raw materials used for cooking. Salary of employees, water and electricity bills

However, both parts of the money should be managed properly because many people spend a lot of money on decorating the shop. until there is no reserve left to use for working in business Causing problems to spin money in time to see for a long time It is recommended that you have at least 6 months of reserves.

7. Make an attractive marketing plan.

Interesting marketing plan Should start planning from before opening the shop. Because if you start marketing when you open a shop may incur multiple costs But if you don't have knowledge in marketing planning, you can learn from websites or seminars that teach quite a lot of marketing techniques both offline and online. Promotion is another way to attract customers to the store.

But what you need to be careful in doing promotions is that some customers may come to eat at the restaurant because of the promotion. and may disappear if we don't do promotion anymore The best thing in marketing is to keep your customers in mind.

Starting a restaurant business can be a difficult and daunting prospect. But when planning and preparing in various fields ready, it can make a difference for our shop. The path and success is definitely not within reach.

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