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📣Professional Closing Techniques

📣Professional Closing Techniques  Closing a sale is the heart of a sales business. whether it is sold in general or selling through the online system which has a sales formula that will make selling easier

📣Professional Closing Techniques

Closing a sale is the heart of a sales business. whether it is sold in general or selling through the online system which has a sales formula that will make selling easier

1. Meeting For meeting or meeting with customers. must be prepared in order in order not to cause confusion or hassle First, define a list of customers that must be met first. then prepare the appointment And when it comes to the appointment date, it should be on time or at least 10-15 minutes early to make a good impression on customers.

2. Open your mind to talk. Immediate access to product offerings will make customers feel bored and a bad attitude Therefore, it is best to start by shooting questions to open up your mind. to create familiarity and reduce the tension from the first meeting By choosing questions that will make customers happy to answer, such as success in work. Favorite hobbies, etc.

3. IPO must start with the question of what the customer wants in life, the burden they have, and then gradually get to the point of the company's marketing plan. along with product presentation by trying to be in line with the needs of customers

when the customer has a problem Be patient and keep asking. by suggesting that the seller choose to answer only one problem of the customer and close the sale again to close the sale for the first time

📍 Techniques for closing sales

Closing techniques refer to the strategies that salespeople must employ in order to close sales with customers. Which strategy to choose It depends on the suitability of each customer and situation.

- Direct selling Most customers do not like detours. Therefore, it should be offered directly to the customer and reiterated to the customer to make a contract as evidence.

- Don't say much after the negotiations are over. try to be as calm as possible To prevent customers from seeing that we are unusually hot

- In the event that the customer does not agree with the contract Don't expect it right away. Because it may cause distrust of customers, they should gradually ask about the reasons and explain what the customers are worried about.

- Speak positively to customers that if an agreement was made at this time How will it benefit them? To give customers more ideas to consider and make decisions

- When the customer agrees to the contract Talk to them about more important details, such as when to sign a contract. Where and where do you want the company to deliver the product?

- Show that the deal has ended by writing a payment invoice to the customer with hand in hand

- Persuade customers by trying to say that if they do not hurry to sign the contract It may lead to the loss of something unfortunately. Because some customers will care about the benefits as much as possible. Therefore able to encourage customers to hurry to sign contracts as well

- May submit some interesting offers to customers, such as being able to pay in installments There are discounts if you decide to buy today, free gifts, etc.

- Give an example to the case of customers who miss a good opportunity To make customers feel that they should hurry to make a contract If you don't want to waste a good opportunity that will be available only during the promotion period

- Don't give up just yet. If the customer still confirms the same word that they are not ready to sign the contract Because success always comes with effort. So you should try a little more. for customers to open their minds

The key to closing the sale

There are 6 key principles for closing a sale as follows:

1. Close the sale naturally.

Closing a sale in which the customer is the one who agrees and agrees to enter into a purchase contract The decision is made by the advice and good reasoning of the employees. As a result, customers are satisfied and ultimately decide to enter into a contract. In addition, after the sale is closed, there is still a good feeling. between employees and customers

2. Closing a forced sale

Closing the sale in this form Although it can actually sell products according to the desired goals. But it made me feel bad. between buyer and seller That's because customers make unwilling purchase decisions. because of the annoyance of the salesperson therefore chose to cut off the problem by finally agreeing to purchase a contract

3. Close the sale by observing.

Using the seller's observation ability The seller must sell the product according to various steps. until when a signal is detected that the customer is likely to make a purchase decision or reject it If the customer seems interested, immediately close the sale before he changes his mind. But if there is a tendency for customers to decline I try to emphasize the benefits that will be received. and various advantages that customers will receive if they decide to sign a contract today to stimulate customer demand to be higher and can close the sale

4. Try to close the sale.

Testing whether the customer is ready to make a decision in order to find a moment to close the sale immediately By having the seller try to send questions in a way that closes the sale indirectly. If you think that he is ready, then go to the point of closing the sale.

5. Choose a technique that is suitable for the customer.

There are several techniques used to close a sale. But to be most likely to be successful Should choose a technique that is suitable for that customer. And closing the sale will not be difficult anymore.

6. Give compliments and praise to customers.

Everyone likes to be praised by others. Therefore, when you give compliments to customers. This makes customers feel good, impressed and decides to make a purchase contract in the end. Therefore, compliments should not be overlooked.

The psychology of closing sales

Selling sometimes requires the help of psychology. To be able to sell products easily and faster. because if you have to answer questions And negotiating with only one customer for a long time is not a lot of time. There are techniques that can be applied as follows.

- Tell us your opinion on the product

expressing their own opinions on the product It will encourage customers to demand and make decisions easier. But it must be an opinion that looks natural and out of the heart, which may raise the issue of product quality to speak of value for money and compare with other stores. that there is a difference Explain to the customer a little visualization. It will help to close the sale faster.

- create conditions

should create conditions for customers to feel This is your only chance to get the best value and best product. so hurry to buy or to put it simply Is to create pressure on customers, such as saying that this product will not be sold again. or the product is limited

- Motivated by small gifts

Giving a small gift is another way to motivate customers to make a quicker purchase, such as freeing an interesting but low-priced product. or get other things that stimulate the desire of customers as well This will make customers feel worthwhile and make a purchase decision.

📍 Reasons for not being able to close the sale

Sometimes salespeople can't close every sale. Which is why they can't close the sale as follows.

1. Fear of Failure

Some salespeople tend to fear failure. especially new salespeople He did not dare to ask questions to close the sale. And it was with this fear that the sale could not be closed in the end. So for the salesperson who made a mistake in this section. You should encourage yourself. By telling yourself that customers will definitely buy our products. And don't hesitate to ask questions to close the sale.

2. The feeling of being wrong

Some employees feel embarrassed about being a salesperson. because they have to be inconsistent with customers to make purchase decisions and also a feeling of insecurity in yourself therefore unable to close the sale in the end In this case, the salesperson should change their attitude. By thinking that sales work is an honorable occupation. because it offers products that can solve problems to customers Not an embarrassing career

3. Think there is no need to close the sale.

Many salespeople think there is no need to rush to close the sale. Just present the product and let the customer make a decision. which, as a rule, Closing the sale is very important. To encourage customers to make a purchase at that time by letting them pass without rushing to close the sale. It tends to miss the opportunity to succeed in sales.

4. Inappropriateness

Some employees behave inappropriately. Thus causing disputes and problems between salespeople and customers. until unable to close the sale

5. Cultural and customary taboos

Some salespeople may think Cultural taboos and traditions not dare to close the sale Because I think that closing the sale is asking customers to make a purchase. or trying to force products to customers Therefore did not dare to close the sale.


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