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Tips for finding a partner, true friend, SME business✨

Tips for finding a partner, true friend, SME business✨

Doing business with friends, acquaintances, or well-known partners Have the same attitude and look at the future of the business Is the advantage and sweet dream of many people who want to shake hands with friends. To move towards business success together but even so warning that "If you don't want to lose friends Don't even think about doing business with friends.” It's always been a problem for everyone. Because having friends as business partners is often not as smooth as you think. You have to face problems from work, roles, and money, which will always interfere with your good relationship with your friends. The more you guys jump into the same boat without a good plan. I haven't yet picked up the pie. The ship you guys helped build may sink as it floats on the shore.

📣 7 tips for finding SME business partners

1. Talk to the neck

The first point must be discussed openly. ready to tell the problem ready to listen to each other and work together to find a solution

Clubbing isn't just a matter of booze. It is necessary to know each other's quirks. It's not about joining the stocks together, just having money and getting it together. But there is no need to see everything floating together. Everything like this is at random that it will not rise or fall.

2. Look into your eyes and look into the distance in the same direction.

will do business together must have vision We have the same far-sightedness, we know what our friends are thinking, what we are thinking, and where are we going? There must be a direction to walk together. It's not easy if see different destinations (But the way of doing it is different.)

For example, the vision must look the same. We will travel to say the end of the year to travel to Japan. You have to invite friends who are going to travel to Japan together. It's not that friends just want to go to Chiang Mai. This can go together

As for the way to travel, let's talk about it again. Will you get on the plane and fly directly or connect to the plane? business as well We have to see the same before we go anywhere. where is the destination Then come and choose a tool that will lead us to reach the goal.

3. Roles and duties discussed at the beginning

When they agreed to go together This time, I had to share my duties. responsibility the aptitude of each person otherwise it will become work related.

Each person's aptitude is different, responsibilities should be clearly separated. Marketing people look at marketing. produce to see produce finance see finance Every function is equally important.

If you don't share a clear agreement, it will happen. That is, I did not do it. The producers say that the marketers don't help work. Marketing people tell themselves to do marketing, no one helps. can't like this Ruined from the beginning

4. Invest money, work hard, must be clear

When the duties are divided, they have to talk about money and gold. Who is down and how much? Is it necessary to have the same number of entries? The answer is no, it depends on the responsibility.

A lot of responsibility, may invest more money, get more returns. less responsible person This part needs to be cleared quite clearly. Because people who have problems arguing because of this matter, at first they were equally competitive, but they were suddenly interfering with each other. Finally got into a fight

Must be open-minded to discuss this matter clearly, do not get addicted to children, "considerable" because starting with respectful affairs in the end turns out to be "not considerate" every time, waste of money lose both friends

5. Draft memorandum, contract, agree everything clearly.

That it's all over. This is whether it's a matter of responsibility. All funds that go into it must be recorded in writing. Make a memorandum of agreement (MOU) or make a contract, whatever it is.

will be taken as a way to work together On the day that there may be problems in the future, we will talk at the Memorandum of Understanding, various agreements.

Don't think it's okay No need to record any agreements or contracts because at the start of the vegetable juice is sweet. But when there's a problem, it's all bitter. There are much better

6. Meeting to summarize the work. at least monthly

To work must have to work together. It is most important to have a summary of the work. Periodically plan the work that the goals at each point. Where did each task go? must talk often meet often (But don't meet until you can't get the job)

Don't take the staggering approach. There are no milestones or measurement points for how far you've worked. As said, if we are going to Chiang Mai Drive to Nakhon Sawan We have to know how many kilometers to Nakhon Sawan now to reach Chiang Mai. Where to stay? This is the working model. Businesses need to know what to do and where to go.

7. Separating business from relationships

The last point is Work is work, friends are friends, work is over, the rest is good friends. As well, when working, don't use friends to work. Must use professionalism to help each other work to get a job.

business partner like a life partner If you can't choose correctly, you'll only get hurt. It's difficult to live together. Even if you choose the right one, there may be a mistake. Some quarrels are like tongues and teeth. But if we are based on understanding Know your roles and duties It will be able to bring the business forward with no difficulty. even if you encounter some obstacles

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